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Step Back in Time With Vintage Apple Computer Posters

Apple is an iconic brand with fans around the world. These posters celebrate the legacy of this company and the innovations that it has made over the years. Step back in time to a world of advertising that intertwined with art.

What are some characteristics of these vintage Apple posters?

Most of this vintage Apple art was originally created for marketing purposes. They used images of Apple computer products and logos. In some cases, they also use images of iconic people. This associated the brand with thought leaders. It served to inspire consumers and promote the brand.

  • Logos: Apple's longest-lasting logo has been a picture of its namesake fruit missing one bite. That's well-represented in these vintage posters. The brand's early rainbow-colored marketing materials are also available.
  • Public Figures: Jim Henson, Amelia Earhart, Cesar Chavez, and Miles Davis were among the people featured in Apple's iconic "Think Different" campaign. As a non-Windows competitor, Apple wanted to remind people that different can sometimes be good. These advertisements may have inspired a generation of budding computer scientists.
  • Non-Marketing: Some of these posters feature fan art. For example, one traces the evolution of the brand, which is interesting to brand enthusiasts. In some fan art, the "bite" of the fruit is a silhouette of deceased co-founder, Steve Jobs.
What Apple products are featured in these posters?

Apple has long been known for its great-looking and unique computer hardware. Many of the company's most iconic machines are featured on these vintage ads.

  • Macintosh: Known as the Mac, this Apple computer that became an icon for anyone who grew up during the 80s. The Mac computer was known for reliability. It hardly ever crashed. In many early units, the CRT monitor and floppy disk drive are integrated into a single unit.
  • iMac: After a fallow period, Apple Computer came back in a big way in the late 1990s with the colorful iMac. These computers are easily identifiable by their brightly-colored CRT monitors.
  • Powerbook: The Apple Powerbook is an early laptop computer that became an icon. It was boxy but compact and had an ergonomic keyboard. First produced in 1991, it was replaced by the MacBook in the 2000s.
What period are these vintage Apple Computer posters from?

These vintage posters represent every decade in Apple's history. Some are from the 80s, featuring early Macs. Some date to the 90s and feature early laptops or the colorful iMac. Others were made in the 2000s to celebrate the brand's legacy. Examples of later-model posters include Apple's 30th Anniversary posters.

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