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A Quick Guide to PowerBook PowerPC G3 Laptops

The Powerbook G3 with its jet-black casing has a lot more to offer than its outer appearance. Inside you'll find a versatile laptop with a 14-inch screen, 2 PC card slots, dual expansion banks for CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Floppy drive, and Zip drive capabilities. It's fully compatible with existing peripherals too since ADB, SCSI, and serial ports are included.

How do you upgrade the RAM in the PowerBook G3 models?

The memory specs for each Powerbook G3 model is given in the specs page for each system. There you can find the general information you need on the type of SO-DIMM memory modules your individual G3 uses, how many memory slots, and the maximum amount of RAM supported.

What versions of the MacOS do the PowerBook G3 models support?

Each G3 model came with MacOS 9 or a pre-installed earlier version. Each G3 can boot a version of MacOS X that has the ability to run MacOS9 applications in its classic environment. Check available documentation as each line does have a maximum supported MacOS X.

What are the different PowerBook G3 lines?

There are 5 revisions of the PowerBook G3 series, many of which are available on eBay.

  • The Kanga Models: The original in the series, PowerBook G3/250, offered a boxy case that's identical to the one used for the PowerBook 3400. It features a rainbow Apple logo on the lid.
  • The Wallstreet Models: PowerBook G3/233, G3/250, and G3/292. They feature a curvy case with a white Apple logo on the back and a small rainbow logo under the display.
  • The Wallstreet II Models: Also called PDQ (pretty damn quick), these systems are G3/233, G3/266, and G3/300 and offer fewer configuration options. They have the same outer appearances as original Wallstreet series.
  • The Bronze Keyboard Models: Also known "Lombard," the series consisted of PowerBook G3/333 and G3/400. They feature brown semiopaque keyboards, big white Apple logos on the back and above the display when open.
What type of expansion bays are provided by the PowerBook G3?

On the original Kanga, Wallstreet and PDQ Powerbook PowerPC G3s, there is one 3.5-inch expansion bay and 5.25-inch "hot swappable" expansion bay. The Bronze Keyboard/Lombard and Firewire lines have one 5.25-inch "hot swappable" expansion bay along with one 3.5-inch bay that could be used for a battery only. Drive bay modules aren't interchangeable between the G3 systems.

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