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MacBook Pro

When searching through the slew of laptops and notebooks available on the market, one of the first decisions you'll need to make is whether to buy a PC or an Apple computer. For those with a penchant for Apple technology, a MacBook Pro is an obvious choice.

Craving Power?

The right MacBook for you depends on what you're going to be primarily using your laptop for. For those who are after power and processing ability, the MacBook Pro is the clear winner when it comes to Apple laptops. As the name suggests, the MacBook Pro is for those who want a laptop that performs well at a variety of computing tasks. Especially loved by designers and artists, the MacBook Pro series is known for its powerful CPU, generous amounts of RAM, and streamlined interface. When comparing generation to generation, the MacBook Pro is a much more powerful machine than either the traditional MacBook or the MacBook Air. In 2016, the MacBook Pro series saw a feature redesign, which also made the laptop thinner than its predecessor and even resulted in the 13-inch model being thinner and smaller than the MacBook Air equivalent.

The Touch Bar: A Key Feature

One of the key selling points of the MacBook Pro is the Touch Bar. The Touch Bar provides users with contextual controls that varies with the specific app they are using. For example, when using the professional video-editing software, Final Cut Pro X, the Touch Bar offers shortcuts for different design functions, whereas when using Safari, the Touch Bar offers shortcuts to your favorite websites and webpages.

Force Touch Makes a Difference

In 2015, the MacBook Pro began sporting a Force Touch trackpad. This state-of-the-art trackpad uses built-in force sensors that allow you to receive haptic feedback for more intuitive control. With Force Touch also came Force Click, which adds an entire new dimension to the simple act of clicking, and has been dubbed the new way to right click.

The Retina Display

The MacBook Pro series also began shipping with Retina display, designed to optimize viewing. This display hits the sweet spot of human vision, and is at the point at which your eyes are unable to detect any more pixels: in short, it's as precise as a display can get, making it ideal for creative work. The MacBook Pro series offers two display options: 13- and 15-inch, with multiple models in both categories.

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