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Power Up With a 2007 MacBook Pro

One of the earliest iterations of the long-running MacBook Pro series, the 2007 MacBook Pro was one of the first Apple notebooks designed to provide all the power needed for resource-intensive tasks in a smaller, more portable package. With the introduction of 15-inch screens coupled with Intel Core 2 Duo processors and a high-resolution screen, the 2007 MacBook Pros have the processing capability of a desktop combined with the mobility of a portable notebook. Designed for anyone looking to bring the power of a desktop PC with them to nearly any location, the 2007 MacBook Pro has the signature Apple style backed by Intel power.

What should you be looking for in a notebook?

There are many notebooks available on the market today, and choosing the right one may be confusing. With multiple manufacturers, chipsets, sizes, and specifications, there is a lot take into consideration when thinking about a new laptop. Here are a few notable things to keep in mind when shopping for yours:

  • Software compatibility - Do you have a specific piece of software you plan to use on a daily basis? Not all software is compatible with all operating systems and hardware. Make a list of all the important programs you will be using and make sure they will work with your new device and that it has enough GB RAM to accommodate your software.
  • Use - If you will be using a notebook for work, you may want to consider a notebook with a higher GHz, a LED-backlit keyboard, or a long battery life with a lithium-polymer battery. If the notebook will only be used for browsing the web and watching the occasional movie, you may not need as much power. Take note of what you'll be using your device for and plan accordingly.
  • Size - Laptops come in a range of different sizes, and if you plan on traveling with your laptop you may want the portability that a smaller laptop brings.
Can you perform any upgrades on a 2007 MacBook Pro?

There are a limited number of standard notebook upgrades that may be performed on a 2007 MacBook, including the RAM. How much RAM your laptop will be able to upgrade will depend on the exact model and production date. There are two RAM slots present on the device's motherboard. The hard drive on a 2007 MacBook may also be replaced with some technical knowledge.

Will any version of Mac OS X work on a 2007 MacBook?

The 2007 series of MacBooks can be updated to use OS X version 10.11.x. This is the latest version of OS X that a MacBook Pro released in 2007 will be able to upgrade to.

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