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2008 MacBook Air: Things to Keep in Mind When You're Getting One

Slim, stylish, and functional, the 2008 Apple MacBook Air was the second iteration of the popular MacBook line that Apple produced. Being even lighter and thinner than its predecessor, the 2008 MacBook features all the highlights that users have come to expect from Apple products. With fast Intel processing, high-quality screens, and the powerfully streamlined OS X, the MacBook Air released in 2008 will fit the needs of many computer users seeking an alternative for their home or office.

Which OS X version can a MacBook Air run?

The operating system that your MacBook Air can run depends on which generation of MacBook you have. The MacBook Air was initially released in late 2007 and carried over into early 2008. This is "generation one" for these devices. They run on Mac OS X 10.5.1 Leopard and can run up to 10.7.1 Lion. If released in early 2008, they'll be compatible with any Apple OS produced before and including Lion.

MacBooks that were released in late 2008 fall into the "generation two" category and have more OS-compatibility options as well as the hardware to support it. Second generation MacBook Air devices can run up to OS X 10.11.x El Capitan.

How can you pick the right laptop?

The laptop that is right for you is entirely dependent on what you need it to do. There are a number of considerations to make when purchasing a new device.

  • Use - Think about what you'll be using your device for. Your intended uses for the computer will determine the kind of hardware you'll need. Casual users that just need word processing and internet browsing may not want top-of-the-line specifications. On the flip side, video editors or power users may want to get the best hardware possible.
  • Storage - If you store photos and videos on your laptop, you may want to consider a larger hard drive to hold all those memories.
  • Display - You may want to watch movies or perform precise photo editing on your computer. If that sounds like something you'll be looking to do, consider getting the best display available to you in your chosen model's lineup.
  • Size - If you're purchasing a laptop, there's a good chance that your computer's size and weight are important to you. If you'll be carrying the laptop everywhere you go, getting something smaller and lighter may be a smart choice.
Can you upgrade components of a MacBook Air?

Yes, there are some limited upgrade options for early generation MacBook Air laptops, but keep in mind that most of the hardware components have been soldered onto the motherboard itself, making their removal or replacement potentially difficult if you arenEUR(TM)t experienced at making computer repairs.

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