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Apple Computer Keyboards

Apple computer keyboards are intended to be used with Apple devices, such as an iMac, MacBook, or iPad. These compatible keyboards can replace previous parts. There are a few things to address to ensure you get the correct device for typing on your computer.

What types of keyboards are available?

Apple manufactures three different versions of Apple keyboards for users:

  • A USB keyboard that connects via a USB port.
  • A keyboard that connects wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • A keyboard that connects both ways.
How do you know which type of product to get?

Which keyboard you get depends on personal preference. If an included 10-key is a must have, then you will want to go with a wired option. If you like the mobility of a wireless variety, then you may prefer to invest in a Bluetooth option.

In order to be able to use the wireless keyboard, your computer will need to have Bluetooth capabilities. There is a simple way to check your Mac to see if it would be a seamless fit with a wireless keyboard option:

  1. Select the menu or Apple icon.
  2. Click "About this Mac."
  3. Select "More Info."
  4. Click "System Report."
  5. Look to see if "Bluetooth" is listed anywhere in that menu. If it is, your device has the correct capabilities.
How do you connect a USB Apple keyboard?

Luckily, connecting a keyboard via a cord is quite simple. While your Mac is off, plug the connecting cord into any USB port on the computer. Ensure that it is securely in place. You should not be able to see any of the silver metal on the USB cord. Turn your Mac on, and your keyboard should be ready to control immediately.

How do you connect a Bluetooth keyboard?

Connecting a wireless unit to a Mac is simple enough to be done within a few minutes. You will want to ensure that your computer's Bluetooth is on. To do this, click the Apple or menu icon, select "Settings," and then click "Bluetooth." Once you've selected "Bluetooth" from the menu, you should be able to see whether it is on or not. This is also where you want to click "Setup Bluetooth Device." Keep in mind, wireless keyboards will require at least one battery for use.

How do you get a Mac keyboard to connect?
  • Turn the product off. To do this, press and hold the power button for approximately three seconds.
  • Press and hold the power button for five seconds to switch the keyboard back on.
  • The keyboard should now appear in the available devices area.
  • Select the keyboard, and your Apple should give you a number to type into the keyboard in order to complete the pairing process.
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