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Apple Batteries for iPhone 4

Your smartphone’s battery may lose its capacity after an extended period of use. Fortunately, this part is replaceable, and you can install it with a tool kit. Apple batteries for iPhone 4 range in capacity from about 1000 mAh to 4500 mAh.

What is in a smartphone battery replacement kit?

Apple offers a battery replacement kit for iPhone 4 that includes an Apple battery, a flat-head screwdriver, a Phillips-head screwdriver, a star (pentalobe) screwdriver, an extraction tool, a pick tool, and a suction tool. These items will help with removing the external cover of the phone..

How do you replace the iPhone 4's battery?

Before replacing the Apple battery, you need to let it drain until it has less than 25% power. Then, turn the phone off and follow these steps:

  • Open the iPhone 4's back plate by removing the two pentalobe or Phillips screws on the bottom of the phone, using the appropriate screwdriver.
  • Lift off the back plate by pushing it up, and then remove it with your fingers or a suction device.
  • Remove the screw or screws holding the battery in place.
  • Gently, pry the battery connector from its socket, using a plastic opening tool if necessary.
  • Use the clear plastic pull tab to remove the battery from the phone. If the tab breaks, use a spudger or other prying tool to gently free the battery from the adhesive holding it in place.
  • Replace the battery's grounding clip and line it up.
  • Install the new battery.
  • Use a degreaser like window cleaner to remove any finger oil from metal-to-metal contact points.
  • Reassemble the phone.
What else must you do before using your smartphone again?

Before you can use your iPhone 4 again, you must calibrate it. To do this, drain the new battery to a level below 10%, and then charge it up to 100% without interruption.

What is an iPhone 4 extended battery case?

This case with a built-in battery is an accessory to consider if you are a heavy phone user or have had your phone for a long time. It is designed to extend the life of an iPhone 4 battery and also offers protection for your smartphone. Just slide your phone into the case to allow access to its rechargeable battery for extra hours of texting, talking, and browsing. Different styles of these cases are available from various makers.

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