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What Is Tarnish Cloth?

Tarnish cloth, also known as anti-tarnish cloth, comes in various forms. Tarnish cloth made of basic cotton flannel with a pretreated cleansing agent removes light tarnish when used to polish fine silver or other metals. Other tarnish cloths include fine silver particles embedded in the fibers that absorb tarnish-causing gases. These types of cloths are ideal for lining drawers, boxes, display cases, and bags that hold silver and other precious metals and gems. The cloths are available in a variety of thicknesses and colors.

Can You Use a Single Polish for All Metals?

Some effective all-purpose polishes are available to clean and protect virtually any smooth metal surface. All-purpose polishing agents restore luster and shine, but they do not remove scratches, paint, or other blemishes. For more extensive restorations, polishing on a work wheel or buffing with a rubbing or polishing compound is often necessary.

What Is the Difference Between Black and White Polishing Compound?

Polishing compounds are similar to sand paper in that different colors of compound contain varying particles that determine the level of coarseness. Black emery compound is the coarsest compound, and it is suitable for cutting and preparing hard metals and alloys, such as steel, brass, iron, pewter, aluminum, and copper. White rouge compound is two steps finer than black emery and is suitable for removing scratches from softer metals. The full range of polishing compounds, from coarsest to finest, is black emery, brown tripoli, white rouge, green stainless, jeweler's rouge, and blue all-purpose.

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