Antique Wooden Boxes

3 Things to Know About Antique Wooden Boxes

Antique boxes often have beautiful carvings and inlays, and they have many uses. Choose a simple rustic style or a sophisticated style with brass details. Whether youre looking for something to hold your jewelry, family heirlooms, or crafts, there is an affordable antique wooden box that is just right for you.

Ages of antique wooden boxes

You can find wooden boxes that date back to before the 1800s on eBay from around the globe. There are also antique wooden boxes from the 1800s right on up to the 1940s. Check out the antique-reproduction boxes that are made to look just like antiques. Antique letter boxes, Victorian pill boxes, Regency-era tea caddies, and old French jewelry boxes are just a few of the boxes that are available to you.

What type of wood is used to make wooden boxes?

Antique wooden boxes can be constructed from a variety of materials, such as:

  • Cedar: Cedar not only has a beautiful, light-brown color, medium-to-fine texture, and straight figure, but it also has a delicious smell.
  • Mahogany: There are different types of mahogany. The heartwood of African mahogany varies from light- to dark-reddish brown and has a coarse to medium texture. The heartwood of American mahogany varies from light-reddish brown to a beautiful, deep red.
  • Cherry: American cherry is deep red to reddish brown. The texture is smooth. European cherry is pale.
  • Maple: These include tiger maple, which is known for its beautiful tiger stripes on a golden background. Birdseye maple is not a species of maple but describes the appearance of the grain.
  • Poplar: This is a cream-colored to gray heartwood with a straight figure and a fine, even texture. Sometimes the wood is pale brown.
  • Satinwood: This lustrous wood is most often used as a veneer.
  • Oak: There are many species of oak, but it is revered for its strength and beauty.
  • Walnut: American walnut is a dark-brown to a purple-black color and can have a very attractive wavy or curly grain.
  • Olive: Olive wood is a lovely pale to mid-brown with attractive streaks of black, gray, or brown. This makes it resemble a type of brown marble.
How are these wooden boxes ornamented?

You can find antique and vintage wooden boxes on eBay that are ornamented through:

  • Rosemaling: This is a type of decorative painting that originated in Norway that can be anything from flowers to abstract designs.
  • Pyrography: This uses fire to burn decorative images into the wood.
  • Inlaying: With inlaying, the artisan cuts a design out of the surface to be decorated and then fills it in with contrasting material.
  • Marquetry: This technique arranges contrasting materials within a veneered surface. The resulting design is flush with the surface.
  • Hand-painting: Antique wooden boxes can be hand-painted with any design from flowers to religious figures.
  • Lacquer: With lacquering, the artisan paints the box with a varnish. It has a lustrous quality. Applying lacquer to a wood box is one way to waterproof it.
  • Veneer: These are pieces of wood placed over another wood to form a design.