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Antique, Vintage, and Historic Parts for Honda CT200

The Honda CT200 Trail 90 is from of a series of vintage trail bikes built from the early 1960s through the mid-1980s. Antique, vintage, and historic parts for Honda CT200 help bike owners keep the model CT200 on the road. You can readily find the components needed to repair or rebuild a Honda CT200 motorcycle for performance, show, or luxury use.

What is the motor size on the Honda CT200 motorcycle?

Engines are categorized by their capacity in cubic centimeters. A machine with less cubic centimeters has less power, while one with more cubic centimeters is able to make a motorcycle go faster. Honda's CT200 featured an 87 cubic centimeter engine with pushrod-style valves in 1965 and early 1966 units. Later in 1966, an 89 cubic centimeter engine with an overhead camshaft was introduced in this Honda bike. Engines in the 87 to 89 cubic centimeter range deliver maximum speeds between 25 and 45 miles per hour, with engine performance varying based on the rider's weight.

Why does a Honda CT200 Trail 90 need a rectifier?

It's important to equip a Honda motorcycle with one of these components when upgrading or repairing the electrical system on the CT200 bike. This item rectifies the electrical current generated by the alternator of the Honda CT200 so the battery doesn't get overcharged or undercharged. Overcharging has the potential to ruin a battery. Undercharging a battery drains it and makes it go dead. A rectifier turns alternate current power into direct current power. This is vital in sending exactly the amount of power needed to run the bike and properly charge the battery on this trail bike.

What pieces make up the CT200 wheel and tire system?

The rear wheel and tire setup for the Honda Model CT200 bike is made up of several components. Those pieces include the rim, hub, spokes, and the sprocket assembly. On models of this Honda with the low gearing option, a larger rear overlay sprocket is used with an extra length of chain.

What are some of the unique features of the CT200?

The Honda CT200 bike rolled off the assembly line of the Honda plant in one of two colors, which were scarlet red and a bold shade of yellow. Chrome tube-style handlebars rested above the headlight and provided the steering. This bike also came with two styles of cargo racks. The smaller rack on this Honda provided only a small, flat surface. The larger rack provided a flat surface with a vertical bar for more secure strapping and transporting of packages. The Honda CT200 also featured an entirely chromed exhaust system, folding foot pegs, and a skid plate.