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Antique and Vintage Historic Motorcycle Parts for Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is a popular American motorcycle manufacturer that builds bikes with deluxe parts and stellar performance. Their motorcycles date back to 1906. You can purchase vintage motorcycle parts and accessories to keep your bike running in top shape, or to add parts to an extensive collection if you are a Harley-Davidson enthusiast.

What is considered a vintage, antique, or classic Harley-Davidson?

In standard definitions, a classic motorcycle is one over 20 years old. However, lots of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts categorize a classic motorcycle as one that has Harley's classic style, parts, or accessories. A vintage motorcycle is one built before 1975. An antique motorcycle is a motorcycle that is over 35 years old.

What are the motorcycle part options?

There are Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts for any type of replacement your bike needs. Parts fall into a variety of categories, including the body and frame parts, brakes and suspension parts, drivetrain and transmission parts, ignition and electrical parts, and engines and engine parts. There are also replacement motorcycle parts for the exhaust and exhaust systems, footrests and pedals, handlebars and grips, and mirrors. Keep your bike's seating up to date by replacing worn seats, and replace worn or burned-out lighting assemblies to keep your Harley safe on the road.

What types of Harley-Davidson engines are there?

Engines differ depending on the type of Harley-Davidson you ride. They affect the performance of your bike as well as the amount of noise you want to make. Many serious riders differentiate Harleys by the type of engine they use. Vintage engines include knucklehead engines, panhead engines, and flathead engines. Engines have changed over time, although some vintage engines can still be utilized in Harleys today.

What types of accessories can you get for your Harley?

There are a variety of Harley-Davidson accessories to help keep your bike running and looking its best. You can get cleaning and protection equipment, onboard tool and repair kits, battery chargers and optimizers, safety and security equipment, or weather protection equipment. You can also get attachments for your Harley, including ramps and towing equipment, lifts and stands, and luggage to help increase its function. Consider adding decals, emblems, or flags to accessorize your Harley and make it your own.

What are the handlebar types?

Handles on a motorcycle are as unique as their riders. There are a variety of styles available. Ape hangers can range anywhere from 12 to 24 inches high. They can also be found in a Mini Ape version, which is under 8.5 inches tall. The Mini Ape is similar to the Buckhorn, although Buckhorn handles angle in. There are also Drag Bars, which are a flat, horizontal bar, and T-Bars, which are similar, but with a built-in rise. You can opt for Beach Bars, with a swooped design, or Z-Bars, which use sharp edges to make it appear you have the letter 'Z' on each side.