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Heat Your Favorite Breads Using an Antique Toaster

A vintage toaster can be a fun way to combine the joy of warm bread with the old-fashioned charm of a classic kitchen appliance. You can search eBay to find a nice selection of low-cost antique toasters that you can use for heating or decorative purposes. Understanding what some of the styles and features are for these items can help you find the vintage toaster that speaks to you.

Power options for old toasters

Old-fashioned toasters have two primary power options you can choose from, and each type may include several styles of appliances you can get:

  • Manual - A manual vintage toaster does not use electrical power to heat your bread. In most cases, you will place this kind of old toaster on top of a stove and wait for the range to heat the metal and the bread. You can place slices of bread between the slats in the antique metal design.
  • Powered - Some old-fashioned toasters run an electric current through heating coils to warm up bread on their own without the use of a stove.
How do you choose a style of an antique toaster?

In addition to the power options you can choose for your vintage toasters, they come in a few styles that you can look for on eBay. Here are some of the main kinds of antique toasters you can find during your search:

  • Standard - A standard old toaster has a metal frame that includes openings that you can drop bread into for heating. The openings are divided by small panels to make sure that the bread does not stick together when it gets warm. You can choose from standard vintage toasters with the artistic designs that appeal to you.
  • Hearth - If you have a fireplace and would like to try to heat your bread the old-fashioned way, you can choose a wrought iron hearth antique toaster. These simple metal holders can hang over the fireplace to heat up the bread that you place on top of them.
Finding safety features for your antique toasters

Most preowned vintage toasters have some design elements that are intended to help you operate them safely. For manual hearth toasters, you will usually find handles on either side of the main panel that you can grab in order to lift and move the units out of the flames. You may want to use a thick cloth to grip the handles securely. Some old toasters have automatic pop-up functions to release the bread for easy grabbing once it is done heating.

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