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All About Buying Antique Sewing Machine Parts

Do you have an old sewing machine that could use some replacement components? eBay has a varied selection of antique sewing machine parts for sale. Before you go shopping, there are some things you will want to know about purchasing parts for your vintage sewing machine.

Brands of vintage sewing machine parts

eBay has a large and varied assortment of vintage Singer sewing machine parts and Borletti sewing machine parts. Many accessories are also available for old sewing machines that were made by Eldredge, Wheeler & Wilson, Wilcox & Gibbs, and others.

Which sewing machine parts can you buy on eBay?

Choose from a large assortment of antique Singer sewing machine parts, including heads, feet, pedals, bases, knee lever bars, caster wheels, cases, cabinet drawers, and attachments. Find an antique puzzle box for an 1889 Singer treadle sewing machine, a bobbin winder for a 1901 Singer model, or a 1926 Singer balance wheel.

Choose a Wilcox & Gibbs spool spin for your chain stitch sewing machine or a rubber fly wheel and stopper ball for your old treadle sewing machine. You might find a 1920s Wheeler & Wilson sewing machine medallion, a shuttle and bobbin for an Eldredge machine from the early 1900s, or a Borletti 1920s cast iron base.

What to expect from antique sewing machine parts

Most vintage sewing machine parts are made of metal and wood. Cast iron, nickel, and copper were often used in the construction of older sewing machines, while wooden parts were frequently made of pine or oak. Common wood finishes include wood stain and lacquer.

Parts for antique sewing machines sometimes fit specific models, are compatible only with certain brands, or can vary slightly depending on the year that they were made. When in doubt, consult the manufacturer's specifications that pertain to your sewing machine to determine its compatibility with specific attachments.

Some parts for old sewing machines might not be in full working order, and item sets can sometimes be incomplete. This pool of items is often an excellent source of spare parts and can serve to replace specific items in a set of attachments that you already own.

How to save money when you buy sewing machine parts

You can save money on your purchase of treadle sewing machine parts when you acquire items as a group. Items that are often sold as a bundle include attachments, shuttles, bobbins, and drawers.

Multiple accessories are often found in the form of a puzzle box, which might be in its original condition with all its attachments. You will sometimes come across a set of two, three, or four drawers that are offered as a lot, giving you an opportunity to save a significant amount of money on the total purchase.

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