Can You Repair Vintage Musical Instruments Using New Parts?

As long as an instrument is still in production, new parts are available to repair it, and sometimes these parts do not change much and still work on vintage instruments. Some parts are in frequent need of replacement, such as the strings on stringed instruments and the reeds inside woodwinds, and these parts are typically easy to find for instruments of all ages. In many cases, parts for antique organs and other keyboards no longer in production must come from other antique pianos and keyboards.

Are Antique Violins Made by Masters, Such as Stradivarius, Better Than New Violins?

Stradivarius and other classic antique violins are worth far more than any modern violins. Although the conventional belief is that these old violins are tonally superior to new violins, some experts disagree. In various blind listening comparisons conducted with music lovers as well as professional violinists, new violins often produced the preferred sound.

What Are Some Tips for Storing Musical Instruments for Long Periods?

When preparing musical instruments for long-term storage, it is important to disassemble and relax them as completely as possible. That means separating a segmented woodwind, removing reeds, slackening strings, and so forth. Owners should thoroughly clean and polish the instruments and treat the wood and metal surfaces with protective polish. Covers and cases are available for most instruments to protect them from dust. It is important to store instruments above ground level in case of flooding and away from windows, vents, and heaters.