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What You Should Know About Antique Model Ships

Whether you’re a sailor or just a fan of antique model ships, you’ll find an impressive variety of reasonably priced model ships for sale on eBay. Discover selections from small, simple, elegant models ranging to elaborate, intricate, and large vessels. Collectors and anyone with an appreciation of wooden ships will enjoy the large selection found on eBay.

Beginning guide for collectors of antique model ships

Basic tips for beginners include knowing how to identify a ship’s features. These suggestions from experts can help you find the model you want.

  • Let your imagination guide you: Look at many models to learn what appeals to you. Some large wooden ship models were built to the exact scale of the actual ship that sailed the seas. Smaller wooden ships were carved from one piece of wood.
  • Intricacy of details: Some antique model ships for sale include all furnishings found inside a ship down to the curtains. Simpler models concentrate on recreating the view outside the ship. Some model ships reveal the real glass used in windows. Others offer silhouettes depicting what is just beyond view.
  • Explore your interests: If military history fascinates you, see what the antique wooden military ships offered. Famous ships, like the Titanic, are often recreated in classic wooden ships. Explore your roots through ancient models of Viking ships.
What materials and embellishments are common on antique model ships for sale?

Old wooden ships reflected their time, era, and the owner’s individual tastes. Ropes and netting were made using materials readily available. Those include hemp and cotton. Rigging had to be strong and rugged for the safety of the sailors scampering up and down them for years at a time.

You’ll find antique model ships for sale with no finish at all applied to the wood. Others might have designs carved in the hull. Varnish was applied to some and others reflected paint used during their era. See all the unique embellishments on eBay model ships.

Are There Basic Types of Antique Ships?

You can separate antique ships according to their basic types and then investigate the various sub-types available:

  • Sailing Ships: Schooners were used for fishing, rum-running, and racing. They are among ships found recreated in bottles. Other ships in bottles include fast-moving Clippers with their billowing sails.
  • Military Ships: Frigates were military craft built for speed to evade the enemy. Wooden warships like the Bismarck were designed to stay and fight.
  • Ocean Liners: Classic wooden models of ocean liners often show special features. Titanic models may have ship lights that gradually dim until they blink off, reflecting history. Wooden model ships for sale include the original luxury liners made in England and France in the 1920’s.
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