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View the World Through Antique Maritime Portholes

A porthole window can be a fun addition to any home, but you can also use it on your boat or as an interesting, decorative piece to hang on the wall and give a room a nautical feel. You will find a nice selection of inexpensive marine portholes on eBay that come in various configurations to suit your tastes. Once you know a bit about the kinds of portholes you will see, you can select the options that work for you.

Types of new and used portholes for sale

There are a few kinds of portholes in vintage or antique styles that you can choose from on eBay. You may wish to purchase a few of each kind to have some variety for your boat or home. Here are some of the main portholes you will come across during your search:

  • Standard - The standard porthole windows for sale on eBay have circular shapes, metal fixtures, and the typical glass opening you might expect. You may find some unused or secondhand antique portholes that do not have glass plates in the openings.
  • Mirrored - In addition to the usual portholes on eBay, you can find mirrored versions that show reflections. This type of maritime antique porthole can be a unique and functional decorative piece to add to the wall of your home.
Choosing materials for your porthole window

Most porthole windows use a mixture of materials for a strong balance between durability and visual appeal. You can find some porthole windows for sale on eBay that use accents such as ropes for a more nautical feel. Most of the items you will find are brass portholes that use other metal fittings. Depending on the age of your antique window, you may find brass parts that have taken on interesting patterns thanks to a natural patina. It might be a good idea to purchase several porthole windows with different patterns to decorate multiple areas of your boat or rooms in your home.

Can you get unused maritime portholes on eBay?

Yes, although the porthole windows you find on eBay are antiques, you can find some items that have not been used in a boat before. If you want to get some portholes with a nice sheen to the brass or chrome, you can check out the section for unused windows for sale on eBay. Looking at both sections can expand your options and help you find the maritime portholes that work for you or match the decor of your home or boat. You may be able to purchase sets of portholes on eBay for one low-cost price as well.

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