Antique Glass

Antique Glass

An antique is an object that’s over 100 years old according to the experts, and glassware made just past the Edwardian era and easing into Art Deco era are now considered collectibles. This is great news if you like glassware that’s ornate and richly colored. Even if you go for older, more sedate work, a piece of antique glass will be the focal point of any room.

What kind of antique glass is available?

Antique glass is available in the form of vases, perfume atomizers, decanters, jars, bottles, and bowls. You will also find figurines, stemware, bride’s baskets, candleholders, and candlesticks.

What kind of glass makes up these antiques?
  • Art glass: Simply glass used to make works of art.
  • Opaline: Opaque, colored glass. Opaline glass can be white, blue, green, pink, or other colors.
  • Crystal: This is made by adding lead to glass, or it can be carved from quartz.
  • Etched: Created by the craftsman using an acid or caustic chemical to create a design on the glass.
  • Bristol: An opaque glass that often has floral designs.
  • Cranberry: This is a transparent, cranberry red glass. The red color is often imparted by gold salts added when the glass was still molten.
  • Mercury glass: This glass has two walls with a silvery liquid in between them. The name is a bit misleading because this type of glassware actually doesn’t contain mercury.
  • Vaseline vintage glass: This is always green-yellow. It is made by adding uranium to the batch. When you shine a black light on it, it glows.
What eras do these pieces of antique glassware come from?

The eras include:

  • The Victorian era: This covers much of the reign of Queen Victoria, who reigned from 1837 to 1901.
  • Edwardian era: This followed the Victorian era and faded after World War I.
  • Art Deco era: This begins just after World War I and had its heyday in the 1930s. Art Deco is also a style as well as an era.
  • Modern era: This is from around 1940 onwards. Pieces made during this period would be classified as vintage glass.
What styles of antique glassware are available?

Available styles include Bohemian glass. This is glass that has been produced in what is now the Czech Republic for hundreds of years. It became popular in the United States in the later years of the Victorian era. Another type of glass is Murano glass, which is a colorful glass made by craftsmen on small islands near Venice Italy. The techniques for making this glass were so secret that the craftsmen were not allowed to leave the islands on pain of death. Art Nouveau glass is known for designs based on natural objects such as vines and flowers. Goofus glass was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s. It was inexpensive then, and pieces were often given away as prizes at carnivals. Its bright colors were painted on and not added to the batch in the furnace. This American art glass was also called hooligan glass or pickle glass. Sandwich glass was made by the Sandwich Glass company in Massachusetts in the 19th century. It often has historical themes.