Everything You Need to Know Before Selecting an Antique Chinese Vase

If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home, consider an antique Chinese vase: they fit well into any decor and can help you learn to appreciate Chinese culture more than you may have thought. You can find the right Chinese vase for sale through the large eBay catalog of these unique, and sometimes rare, pieces.

What should you consider when buying a vintage Chinese vase?

An important consideration when selecting a vase from China is how much you like the piece. Chinese vases are often passed on through the family, so you want to select only Chinese vases that you really love and find attractive. Some of the features and details to consider are:

  • Size and shape - Antique Chinese vases should be a highlight of your room. You should look for a height and width that fits into the space you are planning to put the piece in. The shape of the vintage Chinese vase should fit with the space's other design elements.
  • Color - Chinese vases for sale on eBay come in various materials and designs. Some vases have only one or two colors, such as those carved from stone. Other vases are hand-painted and may have several colors used by the artist.
  • Style - Chinese vases are available in numerous styles, such as ginger jars with lids, rare opium pots, jarlets, octagonal vases and carved lattice.
  • Budget - The Chinese vases you will find on eBay include pieces for any type of budget.
Should you look for Chinese vases for sale that have markings?

Markings and signatures tell you some information about the vase that you are considering. If you are interested in a collectible antique Chinese vase, the markings are important. If your Chinese vase is more of a home accessory than a centerpiece, markings may not be a consideration. The markings may be symbols or Chinese characters. Markings on a vintage Chinese vase may indicate:

  • Dynasty and Emperor for which the piece was made
  • Hallmarks
  • Potters' marks
  • Signatures
Unique palettes and finishes of Chinese vases

The selection of Chinese vases on eBay includes many unique palettes and finishes that make these items attractive to buyers, such as:

  • Wucai, which uses only five colors for the designs
  • Famille verte, which is a version of wucai with green, blue, black, yellow and red
  • Famille rose, with rose as the primary color and a range of other colors in the designs
  • Glazes, such as copper red
  • Bronze enamel