Add a Touch of Art History to Your Home With Antique Porcelain Vases

Vintage vases are made from an array of materials, including ceramic and porcelain. While you may come across reproductions, you will also find a wide selection of antique porcelain vases for sale on eBay. Collecting antique ceramic vases is a delightful hobby, and the vintage vases add a touch of art history to your home or office.

What types of antique pottery vases are available on eBay?

You will find a large selection of porcelain vases for sale online. Typically, they are sold by era with pre-1800 being the earliest. However, many hobbyists prefer to collect by country of origin. This is where you will find the most significant differences in shapes, colors, and quality of porcelain. Many vintage vases come from European countries like France, Germany, England, and Czechoslovakia. Others come from Russia, China, or Japan.

It’s important to know the differences between countries and how to spot a reproduction. For instance, antique porcelain vases in the familiar white and blue glazes may be authentic or reproductions. This type of glazing has been done for over a thousand years in China, and it is found in other countries like England and Holland.

Essentials to look for in antique pottery vases for sale on eBay

The shape of a vintage vase will give you a clue to the origins of the item. Look for whether the vase is oversized or undersized. In addition, look for bodies that are spherical or cylindrical in nature. Another clue comes from the painted design. Look for animals, abstract designs, mythological scenes, or landscapes to help pinpoint the era and country.

What manufacturers make antique porcelain vases?

The first porcelain ceramics originated in China in the late Tang dynasty more than 1,000 years ago. Since that time, many manufacturers have added porcelain items to their portfolios. Some of the most well-known manufacturers are Meissen, Royal Crown Derby, Noritake, and Wedgewood.

You can collect by color, shape, or country and pull together an eclectic collection that complements your personal style and decor. Still, many collectors have a preferred manufacturer and specific design. You will find everything from casual arts and crafts styles to elegant designs by individual ceramic artists. Some manufacturers like Limoge are known for fanciful floral designs. In fact, a vintage vase with flowers is a lovely way to add color to your home or office. You will also find these makers of vintage porcelain vases for sale:

  • Royal Worcester
  • Chelsea Porcelain Factory
  • Dresden Porcelain
  • Martin Brothers Pottery
  • Naples and Capodimonte