Timeless Beauty and Heritage: Antique Bookcase

Antique bookcases fill a home with sophistication and old-world charm. If you're an avid reader of classic books, these bookcases are the most practical choice to show your refined style. You can buy a variety of affordable antique bookshelves for sale on eBay.

Types of antique bookshelves on eBay

To make things easier, most antique bookcases and old bookshelves can be classified into several distinct styles. Based on your needs, you can buy bookcases for sale that fit your taste.

Antique bookcases cabinets are top-of-the-line products that can double as cabinets. These bookcases contain multiple shelves equipped with intricate glass doors and mahogany inlay. You may also find an antique secretary with a bookcase top, which was famous in early American houses. It is used as a writing desk that has a shelf of books.

Open bookcases are also unique, as they often have step-like profiles. The open design also serves as storage pieces, which makes them a great decorative item. For hallways and offices, you may buy an empire antique bookshelf that is suited to small spaces due to their compact dimensions and fine woodwork. Similarly, Victorian or Barrister bookcases are simpler in design, which also means that they can be used in most types of rooms and houses.

Which antique bookcases are worth buying?

Some of the most prized possessions are Sheraton Satinwood antique bookshelves, which are known for their glazed and fretwork frames. Similarly, small ornamental cases made by Chippendale are a collector's item. These are made from mahogany, rosewood satinwood, and even more premium exotic timbers. In contrast, if you require a unique old bookshelf, then look for the revolving bookcase pivot and post design by Ohio-based John Danner.

Are there tips on buying a vintage bookshelf?

When buying used bookcases, look out for cut marks or dovetails on the drawer. These dovetails are signs of craftsmanship. Older bookcases had a threaded post and a nut, which secured the brass to the drawer front. This can be seen at the back of the handle. Ask the sellers if they can send some pictures to show you. While not all of the classic handmade antique bookcases have these dovetails, it definitely increases the overall value.

The backside and underside of the drawer may have a signature, label, or a stamp from the manufacturer. While 17th- and 18th-century pieces did not have these trademarks, they are also signs of craftsmanship. Also, check for potential damages to the upper side of these bookcases and the center support known as the splat, because these parts are most prone to damage.