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Antique Bed and Bedroom Set Buying Tips

If you are searching for antique bedroom sets or antique beds for sale on eBay, then there is certain information that is helpful to know. You might ask if the item for sale on eBay is an original antique bed or a reproduction. You might also want to know how to spot signs that the furniture is a genuine antique.

Antique bed and bedroom set furniture periods from 1800 to 1899

Before considering the authenticity of antique furniture, you need to know what an antique is and the types of furniture styles that exist. The first set of criteria that makes a piece of furniture antique is its age. It must be over 50 years old. However, fine antique dealers sometimes require a piece to be at least 150 years old to qualify as antique.

To better understand what you are looking for, here is a list of antique furniture periods from 1800-1899 and how to identify each:

  • Victorian - Produced from 1840 - 1910, Victorian design was ornate, the first to be mass produced, with characteristics of the period including, glidings, inlays, fretwork, carving, and a variety of fabrics and trim.
  • American Empire - A French Empire-inspired design from 1815 - 1840 was made primarily out of rosewood and mahogany and characterized by carvings in high relief.
  • Shaker - Shaker furniture came out of a religious group of that name in 1820 - 1860. It's characterized by its practicality and its simplicity. They used knobs and slat backs with no decoration.
  • Art Nouveau - Delicate, beautiful, and ornate, Art Nouveau was designed from 1880 - 1910. The style was heavily influenced by natural themes.
  • Mission Style - Also called "arts and crafts," it has simplistic and straight lines, hand-worked iron fastening, and exposed joinery. It comes from the 1880 - 1910 era.
Is an antique bedroom set and Victorian bed frame a genuine antique or a reproduction?

The simplest way to tell the difference between an authentic piece of antique furniture and a reproduction is to look for signs of manufacture. Machine cut furniture was not produced until the 1860s.

It's a good idea to buy antique beds or bedroom set after you are sure it is a genuine antique. This usually requires an appraiser. On the other hand, some reproductions are extremely valuable too.

Some reproductions are perfectly authentic looking and can fool a new antique dealer. To avoid spending more than a piece is worth, check for these signs to be sure your antique bedroom set is genuine:

  • The furniture should show signs of wear.
  • Screws will be single-slot and show age. If you see new screws, it is a reproduction.
  • The finish will not be consistent.
  • A "made in China" sticker is a sure sign of reproduction.
  • Flip the piece over and look at the joints. A reproduction will look new.
Other considerations before buying an antique bed frame

An antique wood bed is a beautiful addition to any bedroom. It adds charm, grace, and warmth. But the age of the bed frame doesn't always match up with current mattress sizes. So, if you buy antique bed frames from a shop like eBay, you may have to alter the antique bed for proper fitting.

One way to make sure your existing mattress fits antique wooden bed frames is to get converter rails. Full to queen converter rails are sold with one or three support rails.