Enhance the Bathroom With An Antique Bathtub

Having a vintage bathtub can instantly transform your bathroom, giving it a timeless look and helping the room feel elegant. Many types of old bathtubs are available on eBay.

Types of clawfoot tubs for sale

If you're looking for a clawfoot tub for sale on eBay, you'll have plenty of options. In terms of style, there are:

  • Single-ended tubs - Single-ended tubs are oval on one side and square on the other. This asymmetrical look gives it a clear direction in terms of placement against a wall.
  • Double-ended tubs - Rounded on either end, these have a greater interior volume. They often have a side-mounting faucet and a centre drain.
  • Slipper tubs - The high back on one side of this type of clawfoot tub gives you a comfortable place to rest your back, neck, and head.
  • Double-slipper tubs - With this configuration, you can rest your head on either side of the tub.

What materials are used in vintage bathtubs for sale?

Cast iron is the traditional material used in antique bathtubs for sale. Cast iron is durable and solid, and it can help the water stay warm. It's usually finished in porcelain. Acrylic, or fiberglass, is another common material you'll find in these old bathtubs. Acrylic has an advantage because any scratches can be sanded and polished out. There are some bathtubs made out of copper as well. Copper was used in the pre-1920s, and you may be able to find well-kept tubs made out of this material.

How are the faucets arranged in antique tubs?

There is a lot of variation in this area, especially considering the various time frames and places in which antique tubs have been manufactured and used. Some configurations of affordable clawfoot bathtubs for sale are:

  • Freestanding - You can have your faucet freestanding separately from your tub if you prefer the clean look that this provides.
  • Deck-mounted - You can have the faucet mounted directly on the tub deck to save space.
  • Wall-mounted - If you're already set up for wall-mounted plumbing and have your tub directly against the wall, it may be convenient to go with this layout.
  • Tub-mounted - Some tubs come with the openings or even the fixtures needed for a tub wall-mounted arrangement.

Pedestal tubs

Not all antique bathtubs are of the clawfoot style. There are also some freestanding tubs that sit on a pedestal. Often, the pedestal is treated to match the exterior of the tub, and this could be painted in any color.