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Add Storage and Personality to Your Home With an Antique Armoire or Wardrobe

Before closets, many families used wardrobes and armoires to store their clothing. An antique armoire is an elegant way to add storage to your home. With a wide array of styles and materials, you can find a gently used antique wardrobe for sale on eBay to suit your specific home decor.

What types of materials are affordable antique wardrobes made from?

Depending on the era, antique armoires are made from many different materials. Some materials are less likely to show age or distressing. However, you may like an antique armoire that wears its age well. An antique armoire's value may depend on the material. The most common material is wood. However, you will also find these materials as well: bamboo, brass, bronze, glass, iron, marble, metal, mirrors, steel, wicker and wrought iron. Typically, you will find these materials as adornments or other types of embellishments. The most common woods used to make an antique wardrobe are oak, maple, mahogany, ebony, cherry, cedar, birch, beech, bamboo and the following:

  • Pine
  • Rosewood
  • Satinwood
  • Teak
  • Walnut
Styles of luxurious antique wardrobes

Wardrobes have been used for thousands of years and in many countries around the world. Their specific styles span everything from Mexican folk art to elegant Asian themes. No matter what style of decor you currently have, you will find antique armoires on eBay that match your style. Or, you may want to search for a stand-out artistic wardrobe that makes a statement on its own. Some of the more common styles are American, Asian, Continental, English, French, Italian, Spanish and wicker. You will find sub-styles such as:

  • Art Nouveau
  • Art Deco
  • French Country
  • Victorian
  • Georgian
What kinds of embellishments come on antique wardrobes?

An antique armoire's value can depend highly on the adornments it comes with. You can find a gently used antique armoire on eBay with extensive hand carvings or mirrors. An antique wardrobe's value may be greater if it is gilt with real gold. Some antique armoires are distressed naturally while some are in near-new condition. In addition, you may find bevel mirrored doors or mirror paneled doors. Many will come with separate sections for hanging garments and folded clothing. One very functional element is a cedar wood lining, which tends to keep away pesky moths. Other embellishments may include:

  • Intricate carvings
  • Brass hardware like door knobs and hinges
  • Faux finishes and antiqued paint
  • Burl wood
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