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Important Things to Know About Buying Antique Anchors on eBay

Antique anchors are a nautical collector's item with as much aesthetic appeal as objective value. Learn how to sort through the various old ship anchors for sale on eBay to find the ones that serve you right.

Types of antique anchors

The design of old boat anchors went through three basic stages of evolution. Fluked anchors, dating back to at least first-century Rome, are distinguished by having forked teeth. Admiralty Pattern anchors, or simply Admiralty anchors, also known as Fisherman anchors, are made of a single shank fixed with a shackle or ring for the rode and two fluked arms at the other end, the stock mounted at a 90-degree angle to the arms onto the shackle. The third common style of anchor, the stockless anchor, is made of weighty flukes attached to a shank by a ball and socket or pivot joint.

From these three basic designs an enormous variety of types of anchors have evolved, each used for different vessels, functions, and conditions. You can build a collection of various types of anchors from a single era or a single type of anchor from various eras. Either way, some types of old anchors for sale on eBay include:

  • Grapnel
  • Herrenshoff
  • Northill
  • CQR plough
  • Delta
  • Danforth
  • Claw or Bruce
How to select antique anchors

Whether you're looking for an affordable single antique anchor or building a collection, the way to evaluate each old ship anchor for sale is the same. First, be clear on whether you're looking at an original or reproduction old ship anchor for sale. If the item isn't noted as one or the other, be sure to ask before you buy it. In addition, check any antique anchor you're considering closely to make sure it's completely intact and in a condition that's acceptable to you. Notice signs of wear, chips, cracks, and rust.

What features of preowned ship anchors for sale can you look for?

Some old anchors for sale may come with certain accessories like an anchor chain or a grappling hook.

Some particularly notable old anchors for sale

Among the many antique boat anchors available on eBay are some worth taking note of for their uniqueness and rarity, including the following:

  • 19th-century cast-iron marine dredger
  • Hand-forged steel Poseidon-style naval anchor
  • 19th-century hand-forged iron hammered folding anchor
  • Hand-forged wrought-iron Japanese boat anchor
  • World War II naval PT boat anchor
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