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Ford F-150 Sway Bars

The Ford F-150 is a reliable vehicle with a reliable engine, but this pickup truck also needs some reliable nerf bars, also known as step bars. A Ford F-150's sway bar is responsible for the truck's suspension system; more specifically, a stainless steel sway bar prevents the full-size truck from leaning too far in one direction especially when taking sharp corners at high rates of speed. A sway bar will help keep all four truck's wheels on the ground while driving and keep it stable.

How many sway bars does a Ford F-150 have?

A Ford F-150 is created with two sway bars. A front-end suspension sway bar is located between the front tires and a rear-suspension sway bar is located between the two rear tires.

What is the difference between sway and anti-sway bars?

If you're shopping for a Ford F-150 sway bar, you might run across anti-sway bars. Sway bars are often referred to as anti-sway bars or anti-roll bars. No matter what a manufacturer or dealer calls a sway bar, each part achieves the same role in regards to an F-150's suspension.

Is a lift needed to change an F-150's sway bar?

It's not necessary to have a lift to work on a Ford F-150's sway bar, but you will have to jack the truck up before you can work on replacing the sway bar. The reason the truck must be lifted or jacked up is to relieve tension on the sway bar links. If the truck is lifted or jacked up, it will be easier to identify the link causing problems with the sway bar.

Should a sway bar and bushings be replaced simultaneously?

A sway bar is connected to a Ford F-150 via bushings attached to the pickup's control arm. Each component relies on the other to be in good working order, but it is not necessary to replace all items at the same time. For instance, if a sway bar is worn, and the bushings are still in good shape, you don't have to replace the bushings as they are completely separate from the sway bar.

Will performance sway bar links improve an F-150's handling?

If you're looking to take your Ford F-150's handling to the next level, it can be done by replacing the stock sway bar links. Performance sway bar links can be installed with stock sway bars to improve handling, especially when taking turns at high rates of speed. The links can be attached to the vehicle's ball joint or the truck's control arm. The performance parts are able to do this by transferring weight from one side of the pickup to the other as needed.