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Antennas for the Mitsubishi Eclipse

Your Mitsubishi's antenna can serve a variety of fun and functional purposes. There are a variety of types and models for your Eclipse, available in many shapes and sizes. You can find a broad range of OEM and aftermarket antenna products for any Mitsubishi Eclipse vehicle.

What types of antennas are available for the Eclipse?

Antennas are specialized parts that are installed inside or outside of your Mitsubishi Eclipse. They can serve a variety of functional purposes in your Mitsubishi. They can be found in a variety of designs but work on the same premise. An antenna is designed to receive specific transmissions, or frequencies, from certain transmitters. When it receives these wavelength frequencies, it uses the power from your vehicle's engine to turn them into sound frequencies. Your Eclipse's engine then amplifies them through the radio and speakers, while you drive and run the engine.

These parts can receive a variety of transmission and frequency types. Because of this, antennas are mainly categorized by the type of wavelength they are designed to receive. Some common models for your Eclipse coupe or Sport include the following:

  • Monopoles: This option typically comes stock on most Mitsubishis and other vehicle models. They can also be referred to as whip antennas, and they are characterized by their long, singular shape. They can be a variety of shapes and sizes, inflexible or rigid, retractable or not. They can also retract automatically by the use of small motors. This category typically receives AM/FM frequencies.
  • Satellite: This category includes types of antennas work off of multi-directional frequencies sent by global satellite transmitters. Your Mitsubishi Eclipse will receive a broad range of channels or stations with this type.
  • Built-ins: Many contemporary Mitsubishi Sports or coupes, as well as other car makes, come stock with antennas that are hardwired into your dashboard. It directly uses power from your engine, receives the same AM/FM frequencies, but does not require the same hardware as monopoles.
  • Signal-boosters: This category includes antenna types that work by pinpointing local cell phone tower frequencies to boost your cell service while you drive your Eclipse.
Where should your antenna be installed on your Eclipse?

Where your antenna is installed on your Eclipse is typically dependent on its type. While satellite antennas typically have a wide array of options in regards to where it can be placed on the Mitsubishi Eclipse, standard monopoles should be placed on the exterior of the body. They are usually placed on the fenders, hood, roof, or trunk. Other types may require specific installation placement on your Mitsubishi Eclipse, so it is important to follow install-instructions for each type.

Are there ways to improve your Mitsubishi's reception?

Changing, upgrading, or replacing your Mitsubishi Eclipse's antenna is not the only way to improve your reception. If your antenna is damaged or corroded, for instance, its reception will not be optimal. Ensuring retractable antennas are not stuck is another way to ensure optimum performance. Checking wires and connections between your Mitsubishi and the antenna can also help. For an extra benefit, you can add signal-boosters to your Eclipse to boost your range.