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Honda Civic Antennas

Keep your favorite programs coming in loud and clear with the right Honda Civic antenna. Civic antennas come in many varieties and have many uses. Whether you like entertainment, information, or just news, the right antenna system brings the world into a Honda Civic, Civic Sport Touring, Civic Coupe, Civic Hybrid, or Civic EX-L.

What are some common services and related antenna types?

You can connect to a wide variety of services through your radio system, provided that you have the right kind of antenna for your proposed service. Some common services for a Civic sedan include:

  • Satellite radio: Satellites provide broad area coverage and relatively clear signals, properties which make them popular signal sources. If you choose to get satellite capable receivers, you should also select an antenna capable of picking up k-band satellite radio signals.
  • Cellular networks: Cellular networks are good for more than just broadcasting signals for smartphones, and with the right antenna backing up your Honda's receiver, you are opened up to wide worlds of information and entertainment.
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) : It pays to have the ability to quickly pinpoint your location almost anywhere on the globe, a capability that GPS systems give you.
  • AM/FM radio: Amplitude and frequency modulated radio broadcasts provide you with a mix of music, weather, entertainment, talk, and other common services.

Some common antenna designs that support these services for a Honda Civic sedan are:

  • Helical: Helical antennas tend to be long and tubular in shape, and they include wire wound around their outside diameters. Helical antennas broadcast and receive radio energy from multiple planes, making them efficient operators. Helical masts also come in various lengths. Shorter models are known as billet or stub antennas. Billets are often just as effective as longer designs, and many have onboard signal boosters to improve reception even more in your sedan.
  • Hockey puck: Squat and tough, these antennas have low profiles and are mountable almost anywhere on your Honda vehicle. They can also be quite capable, and many designs pick up radio signals at various frequencies that include satellite broadcasts.
  • Fractal: Many Honda model vehicles use diversity capable systems to provide multi-directional service. Fractal antennas tend to be small, light, flat, and portable, making them good candidates for multiple-antenna systems. If your Civic has reception issues with local obstructions, a diversity-capable system could cure your reception issues.
  • Retractable: Honda Civic retractable designs are simple helical masts attached to retraction/extension drives. The ability to duck out of sight when parked or during storms, car washes, and similar events can make them durable.
Why does your motorized antenna stop working?

Retractable antennas depend on several pieces working in concert, and if even one of these parts malfunction, the mast may not move. While designs vary from maker to maker, many designs include gears, spindles, pulleys, and cables. If your sedan's retractable has issues, start by taking a look at each one of these parts.

What causes your bad reception?

This depends on many factors, including your model's antenna type, the service involved, and the state of your support components. One place to begin your search for answers is with a physical look at connections and the physical structure of the antenna itself. If you see physical damage, this may be the cause.

If all is well with the physical part, your reception could be suffering from unseen interference. If your Honda gets better reception in some physical locations rather than others, interference could be the culprit. Finally, incompatibilities between your system components can also cause reception problems.