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Ford F-150 Antennas

The Ford F-150 is a moderate-duty vehicle that is often used for towing, hauling, off-road driving, and routine driving, and has gone through 13 generations of production. This pickup truck is recognized for its up to ten-speed transmission, up to 440 foot-pounds of torque, and V-6 to V-8 engine, and the ability to operate on either diesel fuel or gasoline. After years of use on the road, the Ford F-150 truck may need a replacement antenna so that you can enjoy listening to music while driving.

What are the types of Ford F-150 antennas?
  • Spiral flex: The spiral flex antennas for the F-150 have a wound shaft that reduces wind and static. These antennas also feature a spring style of shaft that enhances their durability and reduces antenna noise. They are typically made of stainless steel.
  • Racing antennas: Racing antennas are also referred to as bullet antennas. They are short in length, ranging from 3 to 8 inches. These antennas are made from machined-billet aluminum and are often painted black for enhanced resistance to corrosion. They typically do not retract.
  • Whip antennas: Whip antennas are usually long, ranging from 12 to 33 inches in length. The longer the antenna, the wider the range of radio signals it can pick up. The metal skin of the F-150 functions as the grounding plane for the whip. Whip antennas can be made to retract into the housing when you park your truck or when you drive your F-150 through the car wash.
How do you choose an antenna for the F-150?
  • Choose a manufacturer: Antennas for the F-150 pickup truck are made by Ford as the original equipment manufacturer. There are also antennas produced by IC Beamer, JDM, and others. Unbranded replacement antennas are also available.
  • Select a length: Antennas are available in lengths ranging from 3 to 33 inches.
  • Choose a color: Choose colors such as black, silver, gold, or chrome for the antennas. There are also black antennas that have a colored tip. The available tip colors include red, blue, green, and others.
How and where do you mount Ford F-150 antennas?

A trip through the car wash or an impact from an object could affect your vehicle's antenna, necessitating a replacement. Antennas for the Ford F-150 can be mounted near the front hood or roof of your truck. A satellite radio antenna should be mounted on the roof, but traditional radio antennas can be mounted either on the hood or on the roof. Remove the housing of your truck's old antenna by using a Phillips head screwdriver. Lift the housing off and unscrew the antenna from the mast. Undo the clip or nut that keeps the antenna in place. Inside your F-150 model, remove the face plate of the radio using a screwdriver. Disconnect the antenna wire. Attach the wire for the new antenna to the radio. Secure the face plate. Attach the antenna to the housing with the nut or clip. Mount the antenna onto your pickup's hood or roof.