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Chevrolet Cruze Antennas

The exterior antennas for your Chevrolet Cruze allow you to get the various radio channels that you need for the road. When an antenna needs to be replaced, there are many Chevrolet Cruze antennas to choose from.

What types of antennas are there for your Cruze?

There are four main types of exterior antennas that are compatible with your Cruze. Understanding the options available can be helpful when you make a selection.

  • Retractable antennas: Retractable antennas are generally made from thin metal pieces that slot together. When the mechanism retracts, the antenna disappears into a protective casing. This allows the Chevy's antenna to be protected when not in use.
  • Whip antennas: Whip antennas are made of a flexible piece of metal that is set up either near the hood or trunk of your Chevrolet Cruze. These are designed to withstand bad weather conditions, such as strong winds.
  • Internal antennas: Internal antennas are mounted on the dashboard or in the trunk of your Cruze. By relocating the antenna to the interior of your vehicle, it is protected from the elements and accidental damage.
  • Satellite antennas: Satellite antennas are mounted by magnets onto the roof of your Chevrolet. The antenna is then connected to a radio dock inside of your Chevy Cruze. This style of antenna has a reliable signal and gives you the ability to utilize satellite radio services.
What are some tips for selecting an antenna?

Following these tips can be helpful when making a choice for your car.

  • Compatibility: Select an antenna that is compatible with your vehicle. You will want to know the make, model, and year of the sedan. In some cases, you may also want to know the production date. The manufacturer will sometimes change the parts used in the middle of the production year, so having this information is helpful. The production date can be found in the door frame of your car.
  • Style: Select a style. You can choose from different features that come with exterior antennas
  • Brand: Select a brand. You can choose from different direct factory replacements and third-party companies that produce compatible antennas for your car.
What companies produce replacement antennas for your Chevrolet Cruze?

When you need to replace the exterior antenna on your Chevrolet Cruze, there are many companies to select from. If you prefer to use original equipment manufacturer replacements, you will want to select from those made by ACDelco, Chevrolet, and General Motors. OEM antennas are built to the same factory specifications as the parts that were installed originally on your Chevrolet Cruze. ICBeamer, Metra, Topline, and other companies produce aftermarket options that are compatible with your Cruze. There are also several unbranded options to choose from.