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Anime Mouse Pad

Anime Mouse Pad

Many people enjoy owning mouse pads with pictures that are meaningful to them. For fans of Japanese animation, also known as anime, the desire to get an anime mouse pad with a picture of a users favorite character printed on it can be strong. Anime mouse pads can brighten up anyones computer desk, be used for gaming, or be taken on the go for use with a laptop or other portable device.

What is a mouse pad?

The primary benefit of a mouse pad is to improve the usability of the surface for a computer mouse. Putting a mouse on a mouse pad instead of directly on the desk may increase speed and precision, in addition to keeping the mouse or the desk from getting worn, scratched, and dirty. Mouse pads may also provide support to the users wrist when there is a built-in padded wrist rest. This allows users to work and play at the computer for activities such as gaming. Mouse pads can be used with both corded and wireless mice. They can be used with any type of computer that utilizes a mouse, including a desktop, laptop, and even some tablets.

What characters are on anime mouse pads?

Because merchandising is a significant factor in the profitability of Japanese animation, many new shows that come out may offer mouse pads with images of the major anime characters on them. Whether mouse pads for a specific show are produced depends entirely on what merchandise the company decides to release for the show. However, mouse pads are not only produced for well-known and established shows. Even smaller, niche shows will have character mouse pads. Characters who have had mouse pads produced include Kaworu Nagisa from "Neon Genesis Evangelion", Totoro from "My Neighbor Totoro" and Nami from "One Piece", among many others. Some may be made with characters from foreign media. Specific character merchandise is often produced in limited quantities.

What materials are anime mouse pads made from?

Most mouse pads have fabric glued or otherwise bonded to the surface. The rest is made from lightweight composite rubber materials. Some Japanese character mouse pads are lighter and made of cloth with only small rubber dots on the bottom to hold them in place. These are designed for lighter use and aesthetics. Anime mouse pads may be used for activities such as gaming, surfing the web, working on text documents, or organizing digital files.

What different types of mouse pads are there?

Most anime mouse pads are simple, flat mouse pads without special features. They feature images of an individual character, logos, or group shots from the show they are based on. Other anime mouse pads have silicone wrist supports that are usually in the shape of a character.