Angel Costumes

Women, men, and children of all ages will look heavenly in an angel costume. Whether you need a full ensemble or just the accessories, it's easy to be angelic when you're dressed for the part. These costumes work great for multiple occasions.

What are the parts of an angel costume?

Some angel costumes cover you from head to toe while others simply add to your usual look. Either way, these pieces make your costume complete:

  • Halo: A round ring that seems to float above your head is essential for this costume. Most halos are suspended above your head by a wire that attaches to a headband, making it look like it's floating in space. Alternatively, it can be worn right on top of the head, or even around one's head, like a headband. Halos are usually gold.
  • Wings: The other key piece of this costume is a pair of wings worn on your back. These angel wings are usually large and white, similar to swan wings. Most of them are attached to loops that are worn over the shoulders.
  • Robe: Angels are traditionally pictured in long, white, flowing robes. If a robe is not your style, any all-white outfit will work.
  • Angelic Accessories: For the most complete look, add gold and white accessories to your costume. A golden harp is a classic accessory for angels, to be played while they sit on a heavenly cloud. Other adornments, like shoes and belts, should also be colored white or gold.

What types and sizes of angel costumes are available?

The most common angel costume is unisex, featuring a white robe, angel wings, and halo, which can be worn by men or women of most sizes. However, there are also child-sized costumes, including ones made for infants and toddlers. Specialty costumes include plus-sized and maternity. You can even turn your dog or cat into an angel for the holidays.

When do people wear an angel costume?

While you don't need a reason to dress like an angel, these are the most common reasons that people do:

  • Halloween: This is a particularly popular Halloween choice for couples, where one person dresses as a devil and the other as an angel. For a twist, some people create a fallen angel Halloween costume that includes black wings, dark clothing, and devilish details.
  • Christmas: Every living nativity scene needs at least one angel, usually a child. Sometimes an entire church choir, especially a children's choir, will be dressed in angel costumes for the holiday.
  • Theater productions: This is also popular for the stage, both for children's plays and for adult theater productions like "Angels in America."