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Frequently Asked Questions on Android HDMI Home Satellite Receivers

Set-top boxes are a great way to gain access to multiple media outlet sources from one piece of equipment. This equipment can act as a satellite receiver, IPTV, gaming system bridge, antenna, and tuner all in one. There are a lot of different manufacturers out there with all different designs of TV boxes available, and eBay provides a great platform for searching through what is available.

What are some of the features to look for?

Here is a list of some of the important aspects to consider:

  • CPU: The CPU will make a big difference in what your receiver can and can't do. Depending on whether you will be using it for gaming, livestreaming, or videos will dictate how much power you will need. There are lots of different companies on the market, so a bit of research is necessary.
  • RAM: Alongside the CPU in terms of what a system can handle is the amount of RAM it comes with. The more memory the system has, the more software and media it can deal with. This is especially important for HD 1080p content.
  • Software: Most of the IPTV and satellite receivers will have Android software preloaded. An Android TV box is preferable because of the open source technology and options for customization.
  • HDMI: HDMI is standard fare for these receivers, but you should still make sure the model you're purchasing has it.
  • Support: A support team that will assist you with problems can be overlooked, but if something goes wrong and you can't figure it out, then it will become invaluable.
What are the advantages of these satellite receivers?

The biggest advantage of using one of these boxes over a traditional cable service is the choices that are available to users. Often you'll gain access to international stations from across the world that translates to thousands of channels of content. You can install the browsing software of your choice and surf the internet from your television. Most boxes come with preinstalled packages that offer thousands of dollars in content for affordable up-front or monthly fees.

How do you choose the right model?

The first thing to do is figure out what the primary use will be. Gaming bridges and HD 1080P systems will require more powerful hardware than streaming services like Netflix or Hulu. Figuring out how powerful your receiver has to be will also help dictate the price range. The final step is to look into the manufacturers available and see how they rate among other buyers. This can all be easily accomplished using the eBay search engine.

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