Anchor Hocking 40s, 50s, 60s Glassware

Anchor Hocking 40s, 50s, 60s Glassware

Anchor Hocking has offered beautifully designed glassware as well as other products for over 100 years. Their products have been proven useful among diners and restaurateurs for years.

How is Anchor Hocking glassware made?

Anchor Hocking uses a tempering process in the manufacture of their glassware, which is similar to that used in such things as shower doors and automotive glass. This process produces a much stronger glass and, at the same time, a glass which, if it does break, will shatter into small pieces with few sharp edges. To prevent breaking, avoid:

  • Baking at temperatures higher than 425 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Using with stove top, toaster oven, or broiler
  • Adding cool or cold liquid to hot dish
  • Scouring the dish
What other products do they make?

Anchor Hocking manufactures over 30 million pieces a year and has never had any of its products recalled. Among other items, they offer containers with glass lids for storage, which are perfect to store leftovers, as they can go straight to the oven from the refrigerator for reheating, lid and all. Most of their other glassware has this advantage as well. They also offer glass storage containers with plastic lids.

Other products include tumblers, stemware, display jars, barware, ashtrays, and more. They also offer beverage dispenser jars, canister jars in sets of three, 2-gallon jars with metal lids, 2-gallon jars with glass lids, and 1-gallon plastic jars. All are great to store flour, sugar, and other ingredients. Their old-fashioned penny candy jar comes with a metal stand and can be used to store candy as well as other things. Over the years, Anchor Hocking has manufactured a nearly endless list of items from canning jars, baby bottles, cookie jars, storage jars, and carafes, all with glass lids, to coffee mugs, punch bowls, spice jars, display jars, and dinnerware.

What are some of their vintage products?

The Depression Glass and the Fire King lines of glassware are particularly common. Many will remember seeing some of these pieces among their grandmothers glassware. Anchor Hocking was one of the largest producers of Depression Glass and offered it in pink, crystal, green, red, and ice blue. They produced tumblers, pitchers, plates, candy dishes, and a number of other items in this line.

The Fire King items were used on army bases, in cafeterias, at churches, and more. They included mixing bowls, mugs, and bakeware. And, like the Depression Glass, this line was offered in several different colors. The Jade-ite was one of the most popular when originally produced.

Are Anchor Hocking items dishwasher-safe?  

If you are collecting vintage Anchor Hocking, hand washing is recommended. Pieces manufactured in recent years, however, are dishwasher-safe unless indicated on label.

Can you put the plastic lids in the oven? 

No, plastic pieces should be kept out of the oven.

Are the plastic lids BPA-free? 

Yes, they are.

Can you put your glassware in the microwave? 

Recently manufactured Anchor Hocking glassware is microwave safe. But, remember, vintage Anchor Hocking was manufactured before microwave ovens existed, so microwave use is not recommended.

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