What to Know about American Girl Molly and Her Friend Emily

The American Girl series combines history, stories, and dolls. Since their inception, these dolls and accessories have become collectible items. Brown-haired Molly with glasses has experiences that interlink her with ginger-haired, blue-eyed Emily.

The story of American Girl dolls

Molly McIntire is a girl who grew up during World War II and experienced life on the home front. American Girl doll Molly was one of the original dolls, released in 1986 and followed by her friend Emily Bennet. Emily has been sent from England to America to be safe during the London blitz. Both dolls were retired in 2013, although Costco had a brief return of Molly in 2018 called “Be Forever." The Molly American Girl doll eBay sets and items span the range of these times.

What clothing and accessories can you find?
  • Meet outfits - These clothing and accessory sets are original to the dolls. Both Emily and Molly American Girl dolls dressed in patriotic red, white, and blue clothing. Molly’s outfit included an argyle sweater, blue skirt, dickey, socks, shoes, hair ribbons, glasses, and underwear. Emily came with a floral dress, headband, socks, shoes, and underwear.
  • Surprise Christmas – This set includes a Christmas dress, toys, stocking, and a radio.
  • School collection – Molly’s school set includes a plaid jumper, a desk, lunch, and school supplies.
  • Birthday collection – In addition to a table, chairs, and tea set, this collection has a dog and party games and treats.
  • Summer collection – Molly McIntire goes to camp with a uniform, tent, sleeping bag, camping gear, and capture-the-flag game.
  • Winter collection – This set has a winter outfit, rain gear, a Miss Victory costume, suitcase, and curl kit.
  • Bedtime collection – Molly has a full bedroom set here (bed, nightstand, vanity, trunk) with pajamas, robe, and slippers.
  • Other American Girl Molly outfits – aviator outfit, victory garden dress, hula costume, after school, Route 66, dude ranch, swimsuit, roller skating, recital, sweater and skirt, and polka dots.
  • Other American Girl Emily outfits – tap costume, snowsuit, pajamas, robe and slippers, holiday, recital, and swimsuit.
What other items can you buy for these two dolls?

For Emily, you can buy her dog, flutophone, and sled. Molly has several shoe sets and ribbon sets, scenes and settings, bike, beach chair, percussion set, roller skates, and mystery party. eBay American Girl Molly items are listed in varying sets. Additionally, outfits and accessories from the other dolls will fit the American Girl Molly doll and Emily, too.

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