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Silver American Eagle Coins Are Legal Tender and Precious Metal

Your investment coin collecting dreams can all come true when you find affordable. 1-ounce American Eagle silver bullion coins on eBay. The American Eagle 1-ounce proof silver bullion coin is a beautiful and durable collectible with significant economic value. Made from pure, precious silver, these metal coins are a reliable repository of wealth even in times of economic turmoil.

What kind of silver are these coins made from?

The 1-ounce American Eagle proof silver bullion coin is made from real silver bullion. Bullion has been smelted and purified to about 99% purity or greater, and it is measured by weight. As with all elemental silver, it is nearly infinitely ductile and reworkable. It can be carved, drilled, melted down, and formed into nearly anything with no loss of utility. However, it will generally keep its greatest value in the form of American Eagle investment coins.

The definition of an investment coin

American law is very clear on what an investment coin is. These are coins that were minted since 1800. They must be composed of pure silver and refined to at least 900 parts out of 1,000. Finally, they must be or have been tender and legal currency in the country that they are from. American Eagle 1-ounce silver bullion coins are among the very few investment coins produced by the American government. New and preowned investment coins sell at a higher price than their pure metal content in the marketplace.

How is a coin's value determined?

Congress ordered the Mint to begin producing American Eagle coins in 1986, and they have been produced every year since. The 1-ounce 1986 American Eagle proof silver bullion coin is an excellent example of an investment coin that has gained in value. In the years since that coin was minted by the US Treasury Department, its value has increased several times. Different wear and tear on the coin and different preservation strategies can also have an effect on the value of your coin. An uncirculated coin will be more valuable than a circulated coin.

Identifying characteristics of American Eagle coins

A welcome addition to any coin collection, these coins provide you with economic security and the joy of collecting. Each coin contains precisely 1 troy ounce of silver. They are marked with the year that they are struck from the mint and the city that they were produced in. Each American Eagle coin has a nominal face value of $1, though the marketplace values them far above that.

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