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Choosing the Right Tripod for Photography

There are an increasing number and types of tripods available. Camera type and photography style have an influence on which camera tripod is for you. A tripod is equipped to hold cameras or camcorders for still images and video.

What are the advantages of using a tripod?

Capturing images as a photographer can be challenging. Some professionals find it difficult to capture the perfect still image at the right angle. There are several options for removing the camera from the stand. Quick-release plates are included on some models. Other models have convenience features such as swivel plates for videographers. The release plate helps users to efficiently remove the devices and break down the tripod for storage or transport. Here are a few other advantages to consider:

  • Tripods may simplify the process for self-portraits
  • A stable support makes it easier to capture quality material with a preset timer.
  • Many Ambico models are feature-laden with convenience options.
  • Convenient quick release feature is available on many stands.
  • Videographers can shoot vibration-free material.
  • A quality stand helps to capture impossible one-handed shots.

How to choose the right tripod?

The numerous options and endless features can make it difficult to choose the right camera stand. Intent and frequency of use should be considered when selecting the appropriate Ambico tripod. Consider the replacement parts needed and the access of their availability. Some have very few parts and users find them quick and easy to break down. This is a convenient option for those who use multiple locations during sessions. A quick-release shoe is a convenience feature that makes it easier to pull the lock and remove the plate. Select tripods offer other quick release components that can simplify photography and videography sessions. Consider options that have few small screws, latches and other items that can be easily misplaced. Here are a few other things to consider when choosing a quick release tripod:

  • Weight capability: choose a quick release stand that supports at least 1.5 times the weight of your device.
  • Video support: some models are designed to support video or photography specifically.
  • Height equality: choose a model that is at least your height or taller. It's easier to adjust the stand than to constantly bend down to capture images or video.
  • Weight factor: choose a model that is not heavy to carry. The equipment plus the weight of the stand can be overwhelming.
  • Convenient quick-release system: this feature is common on most recent models. It has a feature that attaches to the device for easy navigation when placed on the stand. The quick-release plate is lightweight and supports most size devices.

What type of camera stands are available?

There are a variety of stands available to support devices during use. Some have convenient features such as built-in shelves. The release mechanism helps enhance the mode of function on some models. Some two-way fluid head or pan head models have built-in pan and tilt features. Here are a few available options:

  • Velbon QB-4W
  • Ambico V-0554
  • V-0552
  • V-0555
  • Quick Release Ambico

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