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Amazing Grace Fragrance Gift Sets

Fragrance gift sets can not only make an addition to your own scent wardrobe, they can also be gifts for the women in your life on occasions like Mother's Day, birthdays, and holidays. Gift sets featuring scents often include not only the fragrance but lotions, shower gels, shampoos, soaps, scrubs, and others scented items. With such a selection of scented products, you can enjoy the benefits of layering the fragrance and discover which particular products are your favorites.

What gift sets are available?

Many gift sets are offered including but not limited to the following:

  • Holiday Coffret Set: This set includes three pieces: Amazing Grace eau de toilette, Pure Grace eau de toilette, and Loveswept eau de toilette.
  • Mini Gift Set: Includes four pieces in a philosophy pouch: cleansing gel for face and eyes, micro delivery triple-acid brightening peel, renewed Hope in a Jar refreshing and refining moisturizer, and firming body emulsion.
  • Mother's Day Set: This set includes three to five items and can include items like the eau de parfum, shampoo, bath and shower gel, and whipped body creme.
  • Nutcracker Set: A two-piece set that includes Amazing Grace spray along with special tulle decoration with a small eau de toilette spray.
  • Philosophy Set: A popular set that has either three or five pieces that can include items like micro delivery exfoliating wash, fresh cream polishing scrub, purity one-step facial cleanser, whipped creme, body butter, spritz, hair conditioner, and Hope in a Jar refreshing and refining moisturizer.
  • Worn Box Set: This set includes four pieces: shampoo/shower gel, perfumed olive scrub, whipped creme, and spray fragrance.
How do you store fragrances and related products?
  • Keep out of sunlight: Direct sunlight can degrade scented products, so they should be kept in darker spaces. While colored glass bottles may offer slight protection. For good results, keep your bottles out of the sun.
  • Consistent cool temperatures: Heat and cold can be damaging to your perfumes. You should find a place where the temperature is consistent. Hall and bedroom closets are just fine. Kitchens and bathrooms, because of the heat and humidity, are not recommended.
  • No humidity: Humidity can have a negative impact on your products. Keep them away from humid areas. If you have a dehumidifier in use in your home, that might be a good place to keep your bottles if the location meets the other criteria.
What is the difference between the types of products?

The names are meant to signify the strength or amount of perfume oil in a given fragrance. The concentrations vary from one product to another, but the percentages are pretty standard. The more oil in the product, the more potent and longer lasting it is.

  • Solid perfumes: 20 to 30%
  • Perfume: 15 to 25%
  • Eau de parfum (EDP): 8 to 15%
  • Eau de toilette (EDT): 4 to 8%
  • Cologne (EDC): 2 to 4%
  • After shave: 2 to 4%
  • Soap: 2 to 4%
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