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Tips and Tricks for Finding Vintage Altec Lansing Speakers on eBay

When it comes to finding the right vintage Altec Lansing speakers for sale, you want to make sure that you find the right ones for your needs. On eBay, you'll find professional style loudspeakers and other audio devices dating back to 1941 and up to the present. The information below will narrow down your search and allow you to find what you're looking for with ease.

How do you find the right Altec Lansing vintage speakers?

Some tips that can help you find the right set of affordable vintage Altec speakers on eBay include:

  • Type: You can choose from types such as Alnico, horn, cabinet, stereo, and university speakers.
  • Model: One of the first models produced by Altec was the Model 142B. Other options such as the 604-series are designed for movie theater setups. You can narrow down your search by searching for specific model numbers or by filtering out the type.
  • Condition: Some vintage models may still have the original packaging such as the box and instructions. Others will be sold used, restored, or be sold for parts.
How are vintage Altec speakers priced on eBay?

For vintage Altec Lansing speaker models, those in good condition will command a higher price. The condition comes down to how much of the speaker is the original component. Options such as cabinet speakers that have parts of the cabinet replaced with newer wood or components may have a lower price than vintage speakers that are slightly damaged but original. Another part that impacts the pricing is the availability of the Altec speaker. Ones that were produced in smaller numbers originally will typically be more expensive.

Types of Altec Lansing vintage audio speakers available

Some of the vintage speakers available for Altec Lansing models include:

  • Bookshelf: These types are designed to work in small to medium-sized spaces. You can place this type onto shelves or other elevated places such as a table.
  • Speaker cabinet: Some common vintage models for this type are the models 893A and 887A. The cabinet housing for the speakers will typically be made of walnut.
  • Horn speaker: This type will typically come in a set of pairs and will need a case to mount the speakers into.
  • University: This type of speaker was released in the 1960s and has a wooden case with legs. When looking at this type, you should look at the wooden portions for damage.
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