Protect Yourself With All-Star Catcher Gear

On a baseball or softball team, the catcher position requires protective gear. All-Star produces a range of protective items for catchers, and eBay is a good place to shop for protective catcher gear at reasonable prices. 

The different types of All-Star protective gear 

The following items are considered critical for protection during games:  

  • Mask - All catcher masks are designed to protect the face of the catcher. Some provide protection for the whole head and the neck. The traditional style is more cooling, letting the head breathe naturally. Your choice will depend on personal preference regarding either breathability or additional coverage.
  • Chest protector - A chest protector covers the area from the throat to the abdomen for the safety of the bodys mid-range vital organs.
  • Shin protectors - These protect the catcher’s legs from the knee to the top of the foot. It is important that the shin guards be lightweight and maneuverable so that the catcher can move about unrestricted.

What are the different kinds of All-Star catcher masks? 

There are two styles of masks:  

  • Traditional - The traditional mask is also called a cage type. It includes padding at the top that buffers the catchers forehead and at the bottom to protect the chin. Between the two is a metal cage with a vertical center piece. This is the most critical part of the mask.
  • Helmet - This is also called a hockey-style mask and provides coverage of the whole head. Visibility is restricted to some degree, and the helmet-style mask is warmer to wear.

New or used equipment 

Used products may have signs of wear, but this should not impact their performance. Most importantly, ensure that there are no cracks in the protective hard cover when you are browsing pre-owned catcher equipment. Both new and second-hand catcher gear can be found on eBay at affordable prices. 

In what sizes and colors are All-Star catcher’s gear available? 

All-Star masks, helmets, body protectors, and shin guards are available in a full range of both youth and adult sizes. In order to match team uniforms, All-Star equipment is available in many colors so that you can shop for your team colors. 

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