The Guide to Powering Your Rig with an Alienware Video Card

Alienware has made a very big name for itself in the realm of PC gaming, and this Dell subdivision has been known for its alien-inspired designs that also pack in some high-level performance. When you own one of these PCs, you might want to replace or upgrade your existing Alienware video card. When this is the case, eBay has a wide selection that can help you keep your PC up-to-date.

How does an Alienware graphics amplifier work?

Alienware understands that sometimes laptops don't quite have the power of traditional desktops, even if they are for gaming. To help solve this issue, the company sometimes uses graphics amplifiers, which are ways to incorporate desktop-style graphics cards into your gaming laptop play. These amplifiers are PCI-express connectable devices that plug directly into your laptop. Once connected, the laptop gets a significant graphics upgrade, and you can also easily elicit an Alienware m17x graphics card upgrade this way by just purchasing a desktop graphics board on eBay.

What does an Alienware M17x R3 graphics card upgrade entail?

One of the aspects of the r3 graphics system that comes with the M17x that makes it unique is its future-proofing. While the default Alienware m17x r3 graphics card may have 1GB of RAM and a fast GPU, you can upgrade at any time to double the RAM capacity and processor performance. This is a great feature that will allow you to play games and applications with higher requirements. There are multiple potential upgrades for an Alienware GPU, which means there are no specific specs for the GPU, but having the ability to upgrade is very useful.

What are the benefits of Alienware 17 graphics card replacements?

As computers advance, so does software. For example, if you own an Alienware PC, in five years, your default graphics card may not run more powerful applications. Fortunately, Alienware 17 r3 graphics card upgrades will help bring your PC up-to-date by adding a more powerful GPU.

What are some tips to remember for video card buying?

When you're thinking about upgrading your Alienware m17x graphics card with an expensive one from eBay, always remember to seek out cards that:

  • Fit your specific computer - Desktop and laptop cards can differ if you're not using an amplifier, so always check into what you're buying.
  • Have a heatsink - Without this valuable component, a graphics card can burn out.
  • Come with drivers - While you can download many AMD and Nvidia drivers, having a disk is useful for those situations where you don't have internet.
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