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Aliens vs Predator 2 Video Game

Take on the role of Colonial Marine, Alien, or Predator, and bring the fight to the other factions. Each group has a stake in this immersive story that dives deep into the mythology established by the Alien and Predator media franchises. When you’ve finished the three stories, venture online for competitive first-person action played at a blistering pace.

What is "Aliens vs Predator 2?"

The "Aliens vs Predator 2" video game is a first-person shooter video game. The game features both a single-player mode and a competitive mode. In multiplayer, which can be played via the internet or a LAN connection, the player participates on one of four teams. The corporate mercenaries, which are not playable in the story campaigns, are the fourth team. In the single-player game, there are three main campaigns that unfold from the perspective of the game’s main factions. These stories intertwine, and if you play through all of them, you get to see various scenes and events from multiple views. The three factions are:

  • Aliens
  • Marines
  • Predators
When was "AvP 2" released and who developed it?

"AvP 2" was developed by Monolith Productions. The game was published by Sierra and released on October 22, 2001 in Europe and on October 31, 2001 in North America. An expansion pack was released in 2001, and then, in 2003, a Gold Edition collected all available game content in a single package.

Is "Aliens versus Predator 2" based on the movie?

There are two "Aliens versus Predator" films. These are "AVP: Alien vs. Predator," which was released in 2004, and the follow-up, "Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem," which was released in 2007. Both of these movies came out after the game series, and it’s actually this game and its predecessor that informed the movies to some degree.

What platforms are this "Aliens vs Predator" game available on?

This game is available for computers running Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. Note that Mac OS X support was not added until the Gold Edition, so Mac users have to choose that version.

What is Primal Hunt?

Primal Hunt is an expansion pack for the main game that was developed by Third Law Entertainment. It can be purchased separately or acquired as part of the Gold Edition. The Gold Edition installs both the main game and expansion pack in a single pass. Primal Hunt adds new multiplayer maps as well as new weapons that are available both in multiplayer and the campaign. The campaign is a new story that serves as prequel, so it takes place between the original "Aliens vs Predator" game and the sequel. It introduces a new race for the player to play, the Predalien, which is an Alien/Predator hybrid. The factions available to the player in the expansion pack are the:

  • Marines and mercenaries
  • Predator
  • Predalien
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