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Why is Alfa Romeo Known for Racing?

Known for sporty, fast, and stylish cars, Alfa Romeo is synonymous with quality. The Italian brand zoomed onto the sports-car market in the early 1900's and hasn't left. Not only is Alfa Romeo known for its street-savvy sports cars, but the brand also creates race cars, giving it quite a reputation for speed on top of design.

What is the History of Alfa Romeo?

The company began in Milan, Italy in 1910 and immediately became associated with racing. The first car to carry the Alfa Romeo brand name was the Torpedo, and the company began launching numerous race cars, becoming a big part of the sport itself. After WWII, Alfa Romeo focused on street vehicles and began using its signature style to create beautiful cars with high-performance engines and smooth handling. In the 1990's, it stopped selling cars in the United States, but that has since changed, as the company re-entered the market with a relaunched design in 2015.

What Are Some Popular Alfa Romeo Models?

Alfa Romeo vehicles have gone through many design changes and upgrades over the years, but there are some models that have remained popular.

  • The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a small and sporty car that's perfect for two people. It's considered a “supermini” car and is enjoyable to drive.
  • The Giulia has seen several iterations, and it was redesigned for the brand's relaunch in 2015. With sleek curves and a hint of the brand's racing past, the Giulia is a sporty sedan built for performance.
  • The Alfa Romeo 4C offers a true sports-car experience. This two-seater coupe is a lightweight vehicle that offers rear-wheel drive.
  • Alfa Romeo entered the SUV market with the Stelvio, which comes in three versions. The SUV is designed with premium controls, a superior audio system, and multiple driving modes.
What Features Do Alfa Romeo Vehicles Offer?

Though Alfa Romeo vehicles are known for their superior handling on the road, these cars offer many premium benefits that keep owners coming back for more. Alfa Romeo offers wireless connectivity in its newer models, allowing you to access your smartphone and other devices via steering wheel controls so your hands never leave the wheel. Additionally, a Harman Kardon stereo system delivers top-of-the-line acoustics, and all-wheel drive capability means you enjoy a smooth ride no matter what the terrain is like. Some models even include a built-in entertainment and media system.

What Are Alfa Romeo Safety Features?

Alfa Romeo isn't just about looking good and performing well. These sporty sedans and SUVs contain a multitude of safety features to give you peace of mind no matter where you're headed, which include an integrated braking system that gives you ultimate control, a backup camera with sensors that help you to park perfectly, and a warning system that lets you know if cars are approaching quickly.