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Alessi Espresso Machines

Let's talk color

These Alessi coffee machines come in various colors to fit any kitchen design. White espresso machines have a luxurious look, so they will add a classy touch to your kitchen. They feature a minimalist design, helping you achieve a chic and classy kitchen decor. Featuring vibrant shades, orange espresso machines are great for brightening up your kitchen and taking its style up a level. They have comforting tones, which are ideal for complementing your kitchen design. Black espresso machines are designed with colors that contribute a timeless look to your home or kitchen. They are built with shades that are easy to match, making them a versatile option.

Wattage is important to consider

Looking to cut down on energy consumption? These Alessi coffee machines come in a wide array of different power ratings. 600-899W espresso machines feature simple designs, so you can prepare coffee each and every morning without having to be a skilled barista. They are designed to use less energy, making them perfect for more environmentally-conscious homes. 1200-1499W espresso machines heat up faster, brewing your coffee in a shorter amount of time. Typically made with a range of advanced features, they are ideal for trying out different coffee-making techniques. They have a high power rating, so you can make barista-quality coffee right at home.

How would you like your coffee to be brewed?

When you're mastering the art of espresso making or you just want a versatile drink from the machine, these Alessi coffee machines will be a reliable choice. Giving you more control over the machine, manual coffee machines allow you to choose exactly when the pump should be turned on or off. They can be hand-operated, allowing you to polish your coffee-brewing skills. Automatic espresso machines are designed with built-in features, upgrading your overall coffee-making experience. They are generally user-friendly, so you don't need to be a skilled barista to brew the perfect cup of coffee. Semi-automatic espresso machines are typically programmable, so they allow you to specify a time for the coffee to start brewing. They are designed to use porta-filters, so you have total control over how bold you want your coffee to be.