Alarm Clocks

Some people rise at the crack of dawn, while others get up after the sun goes down. Regardless of when you need to start your day, a good alarm clock can help make sure that you do not sleep in. Here are a few frequently asked questions about alarm clocks.

What is a Sony Dream Machine?

A Sony Dream Machine is Sony Electronics' line of clock radios. These models range from standard AM/FM radios that deliver the time and play music over the airwaves to more technologically advanced designs that can be used with iPods and iPhones. Some Sony Dream Machine products double as alarm clocks with wireless capabilities, such as internet connectivity. Many of these digital clocks have LCD screens so that you have a bright light showing you the time when it is dark. These clocks usually give you the option to dim the screen if you want a darker atmosphere in your bedroom at night. Charging your Apple products on these clocks is easy, since they can come with built-in docking stations.

What is a snooze alarm?

A snooze alarm is a component of the alarm clock that lets you temporarily reset the bell so that it goes off at a later time. Most buttons reset the alarm clock so that it sounds off again 5 to 10 minutes after the initial time set. Some clocks do not have a limit as to how many times you can hit the snooze button.

How do you set a digital clock?

Various models have different ways of setting them. It is, however, usually standard for you to have to go to the device's clock to set the alarm feature by selecting the hour and minute that you would like to rise in the morning, evening, or night. You should pay close attention to the a.m. and p.m. features to make sure you set the correct time.

How do you set an analog alarm clock?

Analog timekeepers usually have two knobs on the back. One knob is for setting the primary timer. The other sets a second preset alarm that works just like a snooze button. You will also have small knobs for adjusting the hours and minutes. There is usually a lever that you press to turn the alarm off in the morning and to set it at night.

One advantage of an analog alarm is that it is not possible to accidentally set the alarm for p.m. when you meant to choose a.m. However, unlike a digital alarm, you will need to set the alarm every night.