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What to Know When Selecting Aiwa Home Audio Remote Controls

Home audio remote controls make it easier and more convenient for you to turn sound equipment on and off, change the mode of operation, and perform other functions. The remote controls like those from Aiwa allow you to sit in a comfortable place in the room and change the sound and other functions of the home theater setup and its speakers. There are many features, types, and functions for the Aiwa home audio remote controls available.

What are some of the features of Aiwa remote controls?
  • Snap-in battery door: The battery cover snaps into place when you need to replace the Aiwa remote control's batteries.
  • Ergonomic design: The shape of the remote control is designed to have an ergonomic fit in the user's hand.
  • Hand grips: The sides of Aiwa remote controls may have plastic grips or ridges for grasping.
  • Internal lighting: An internal light may be built into the remote control so that when you push a button, the buttons light up for seeing them in the dark.
  • Color-coded buttons: The buttons may be color-coded by groups for functionality, like numbers or playing functions.
What types of home audio equipment work with remotes?

Aiwa remote controls are designed to control a variety of home audio equipment, including speakers, subwoofers, woofers, stereo receivers, amplifiers, compact disc players, digital video disc players, video cassette recorders, and record players. They may also be used to control the sound functions of your television.

What are the available colors of Aiwa home audio remotes?

These audio remote controls are available with a housing that is white, off-white, black, gray, or yellow. The buttons on the remote controls are typically a contrasting color. The printing of the numbers, characters, letters, or symbols on the buttons typically contrasts with the color of the buttons.

How far away from the speakers do the remotes work?

Aiwa remote controls are able to send a signal to the speakers and other home theater equipment from a distance of 10 to 50 feet away. The exact distance that the remote will function from the speakers depends on the model of the remote and the age of the batteries.

What types of batteries do Aiwa audio remote controls need?

These home theater remote controls make use of two to four AA to AAA batteries. Both single-use and rechargeable styles batteries can be used in the remotes. The same brand and style of batteries should be placed into the battery chamber. The battery lifespan in the remotes is six months to two years.

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