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Nissan Altima Air Intake Systems

Improve the power and gas mileage of your Nissan Altima with a performance intake system. While factory air intakes do their job, your Altima motor craves the kind of air these parts provide. Whether you need filters for everyday tasks or for high-performance applications, the right Nissan air cleaning intake system can be found.

Can the right Nissan cold air intake system boost power?

It certainly can, depending on the design. If you have standard factory-installed air filter and pipes, upgrading to a cold air intake system often provides anywhere from 5 to 30 horsepower. If your interests require specific amounts of torque or horsepower, a dynamometer test can help you fine-tune your chosen air-ingress system.

Is a ram air setup stronger than a short ram?

This depends on several factors, including whether the engine has turbo or superchargers. Short ram air intakes do deliver air to the pistons faster than simple ram models, but the air tends to be warmer. That said, their direct injection of air is a boon to high-capacity turbos.

How is a ram scoop different from a regular scoop?

Regular intakes differ from rams in a lot of ways. One important distinction is the direction of travel. Many regular intake models include air scoops located in odd spots on the vehicles. This helps to keep the air cool, but also makes it harder to capture the wind. Ram models generally mount to the front of your Nissan Altima. This allows the vehicle’s forward speed to jam air into the filters and into your cylinders.

Does the power increase affect your fuel efficiency?

Not if done properly. Nissan Altimas often gain significant amounts of power following air system upgrades, and drivers may find themselves applying heavy feet to gas pedals, a practice detrimental to fuel efficiency. If you continue to apply economical driving habits, gas mileage often increases by up to 5 miles per gallon.

Can your cold air intake get soggy?

Yes, it can. A cold air intake design prioritizes air flow, and this requirement puts filters in proximity to the car’s exterior. During heavy rain or floods, fluids can pass through the cleaner and into the engine block. To prevent this, you should avoid driving your vehicle during floods and stop the motor at once if flooding occurs.

Can new air intake systems cause more noise?

This depends on the specific system and motor, but some short ram models do enhance power train noises. You can choose models that fit your tastes by reading up on your preferred choices before installation.