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Nissan 350Z Air Intake Systems

If you find yourself looking for ways to increase your Nissan 350Z's efficiency, switching to a performance air intake may increase your vehicle's power by more effectively fueling the combustion process. There are kits available in two major styles that allow stock components to be replaced with effective parts. The main features of these upgrades and some frequently asked questions are listed below.

How do cold air intakes work?

Cold air intake systems work by providing cooler air to the engine than the stock air intake. It does this by supplying oxygen that is cooler than the oxygen under the hood. The idea is that cold air contains more oxygen, because it is denser than warm air. Other blockages that inhibit flow, like air filters and silencers, are often removed. By removing the filters, there are fewer things slowing the delivery of oxygen.

What is the difference between stock and cold air intake?

There are a few things that set the stock part apart from a performance intake, including how the air is filtered and if silencers are used. The main differences are as follows:

  • Location: The stock intake on a Nissan 350Z is located under the hood while a performance system may be near the wheel well or fender, depending on if it is a cold air intake or short ram intake.
  • Components: The stock part will need a box surrounding the air filter, while an aftermarket intake will not. In fact, there are typically fewer filters on these parts altogether.
  • Sound: Replacing the stock component with a performance system will increase air consumption and use fewer filters to reduce sound, leading to a roaring sound when accelerating.
What are some manufacturers of Nissan 350Z air intakes?

Air intakes for the Nissan 350Z are made by several manufacturers, including:

  • AEM: AEM is an auto parts manufacturer that makes both short ram and cold air intakes as well as their filters.
  • Injen: Injen Technology is a performance cold air intake manufacturer based in California. It focuses mainly on these and other air filter systems.
  • aFe Power: aFe Power is an auto parts manufacturer whose headquarters is located in Corona, California.
Do short ram intakes increase efficiency and performance?

An air intake system can increase the efficiency of a vehicle by providing a higher concentration of oxygen to the combustion process. A short ram kit uses a wider pipe with fewer air filters than a stock component. The reduction in filters lets the air move quicker than it would with a stock part.

What types of cold air intake kits are available?

There are two main types of aftermarket air intake systems available for most vehicles, including the Nissan 350Z. They are:

  • Short ram: Located under the hood, this performance intake increases airflow with a wider intake and fewer parts like filters and silencers to restrict airflow.
  • Cold air intake: Like the short ram intake, cold air intakes reduce barriers like air filters, but also put the actual intake further from the heat of the engine.