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Air Intake Systems for Mazda 6

The Mazda 6 is a sedan, known for its family-friendly features and precision performance. Having a high-quality air intake system can provide these Mazda cars with even more power. When drivers are looking for upgraded air intake systems or replacements parts for damaged systems, there are plenty of options.

What is the air intake system?

Cars are equipped with internal combustion engines, which require two things to work properly: fuel and oxygen. The air intake system is responsible for providing the engine with the correct amount of oxygen. It directs the oxygen toward the right cylinders and tubes, ensuring that it travels throughout the car. When a car's system is working appropriately, it enhances engine efficiency, combustion, and power output.

What are the parts of the air intake system?

In every Mazda 6, there is an intricate system controlling air intake. The components include:

  • Air filter: The filter is the first thing the airflow passes through. The filter traps abrasive contaminants like dirt and pollen, and it ensures that the air is the correct combination of gases.
  • Mass airflow sensor: In the Mazda 6, the amount of air coming into the vehicle is determined by the airflow sensor. Without this measurement, the Mazda vehicle can't accurately determine how much fuel to release at any given moment.
  • Air intake tube: This tube sends the newly cleaned and measured air to the throttle body. This tube is also responsible for eliminating unwanted vibrations in the airstream.
  • Throttle body: The throttle body is connected to the Mazda 6's accelerator pedal. When the driver presses down on the pedal, the throttle body opens, allowing oxygen to flow into the car.
  • Intake manifold and valves: The intake manifold is a series of tubes that are responsible for delivering oxygen to the designated areas of the vehicle. The valves are found at the end of the tubes, and they open at specific degrees, allowing the cylinders to pull in the correct amount of oxygen.
What is cold air intake?

Many Mazda 6 models come equipped with cold air intake systems. Cold air has a higher density than warmer alternatives, so it provides the car with more oxygen. Cold air intake systems are able to isolate cooler temperatures, leading to improved performance.

What intake system options are there for Mazda 6?

When air intake systems goes bad, Mazda 6 drivers can choose between individual parts or kits. If they know which part is causing the trouble, like the filter or the sensor, it's easiest to select a replacement. If the whole system is having performance issues, however, it may be better to select a standard or cold air intake kit, which come with multiple replacement parts.