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Honda Prelude Air Intake Systems

Your Honda Prelude needs air to function properly and at peak efficiency. The air intake systems can be surprisingly complicated, with air needing to be measured, cleaned and sent to where it is needed. An air intake system that is not working the way it should triggers the dreaded check engine light, but the good news is that an air intake manifold can be replaced.

Are there intake manifolds specific for Honda Prelude?

You will need to get intake manifold system parts specifically made for your Honda Prelude whether it is an original equipment manufacturer part or aftermarket. This is important because this equipment takes into account the size of your engine, its cylinders, valves, type of fuel and other things that allow your Prelude to run smoothly.

How is cold air and regular air intake different?

Cold air helps to improve the efficiency and performance of your Prelude’s engine. It is dense, which means that it holds more oxygen than warm air. As with living beings, oxygen lets the system breathe, which, in turn, gives it more energy. Regular intake manifolds pull in both cool and warm air, and this puts the engine at risk of overheating. When the engine of your Prelude is always cool, the risk of overheating is greatly lessened. This lengthens your car intake's life.

Another thing cold air does is increase your car’s fuel efficiency because its density and cool temperature balances out the air/fuel ratio and causes the fuel to burn more efficiently. This also gives your Honda a bit more horsepower and saves you money because you will not need to go to the gas pump as much. You will find that your ride is notably smoother after you have installed the cold air intake.

Can you install the cold air intake yourself?

Yes, you can install the air intake on your Honda Prelude yourself. Indeed, it is one of the simpler replacement jobs you can do on your car. The instructions should be easy to follow, and though you won’t see it often, the manifold itself is made to be sleek and pleasing to the eye. Some come in attractive colors while others are left unpainted but with a bright finish.

A good number of these intake systems fit vintage Hondas that first rolled out of the factory between 1992 through 1996 and 1997 through 2001.