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Honda Accord Air Intake Systems

Have you noticed your Honda Accord isn’t as zippy as it once was? Replacing or upgrading your Honda Accord air intake system directly enhances the machinery responsible for giving your car the performance you crave. Before you start shopping for a new intake system, there are several elements you should keep in mind.

What does a Honda Accord air intake system do?

The various components of the air intake system work together to enhance the airflow directly to your engine. As you’re aware, the engine operates through combustion. And the most important element for this action is high concentrations of oxygen. Oxygen that reaches the various components of your engine increases its efficacy and performance.

What are the main parts of an air intake system?

While this system has been around for decades, its design and functionality have changed throughout the years. Your Honda Accord intake system features three primary components, which must work together to produce optimum airflow. These parts include:

  • Air filter - Much like any other air filter, motor filters prevent debris and other particles from infiltration sensitive motor components. If you’ve noticed your Accord performing less than normal, check your air filter. It could be clogged, especially if you live in rural or pollution-heavy areas.
  • Mass flow sensor - Your Honda is a complex puzzle of machinery. To maintain proper working order, each component requires precise operation environments. The mass flow sensor actively measures the amount of air entering the motor. The two most common variations of this sensor include the wire and vane meter.
  • Throttle body - This part physically controls the amount of incoming oxygen based on car operation. For example, when you press the accelerator, the throttle opens to increase oxygen and then closes when you release the accelerator.
How does the air intake system boost performance?

This system offers a variety of benefits that influence how your Honda Accord drives.

  • Increased horsepower - Since the motor is more efficient with higher concentrations of oxygen, cylinders pull more fuel and produce better force with every stroke. Horsepower enhancements are extended with specific aftermarket systems designed to boost intake.
  • Faster acceleration - Underperforming cold air intake systems reduce throttle response time, which means reaching desired speeds takes longer.
  • Better gas mileage - While there are many ways to boost fuel economy, replacing an underperforming cold air intake components can increase the mileage between fill-ups.
What’s the difference between standard and cold air intakes?

Honda Accord intake systems vary based on design and results. Standard air intakes are known as short-pipe intakes. Typically made of aluminum, a standard air intake system increases power by delivering streamlined oxygen directly to your motor. Cold air intake works in a similar manner, boosting operation by delivering chilled oxygen to the motor. Cold air intake enhances your Accord’s operation, as cold oxygen is denser than warm oxygen, your Honda Accord receives more oxygen for peak power.